How to Remove Gum from Shoes

How to Remove Gum from Shoes (Expert Opinion)

How to remove gum from shoes? More and more people chew gum, and few, unfortunately, have the delicacy to wrap their chewing gum in the paper before throwing it! Did you walk on chewing gum?

One of the most unpleasant things that can happen when walking down the street is to walk on a chewing gum. If you try to remove it with the edge of the pavement or with paper. the chewing gum will still be there, picking up all the dirt from the street. On everything we have the perfect method for this situation and we teach you how to remove a chewing gum from your sole.

Remove chewing gum with ice cubes

One of the main methods that you can use to remove chewing gum from your shoes is the use of ice . Yes, you read correctly; ice cubes can be used to get rid of chewing gum shoes, without damaging the fabric or material. All you have to do is fill a large plastic bag with ice cubes. Then place your shoe on top of this plastic bag, making sure that the chewing gum is in contact with the bag.

It is important, however, to make sure that none of the ice cubes come into contact with the top of your shoe. Indeed, certain types of shoes could be damaged if they are wet by the ice cube.

This process may take some time, so it is advisable to use a freezer bag to ensure the ice will not melt until the job is done. Over time, the chewing gum will completely freeze and you can take off easily. The problem with this method, however, is that it obviously takes a long time for it to work. If you run out of time, it is advisable to try another method to remove chewing gum!

Gum Shoe in the Freezer

After going home, take the shoe with the eraser and place it in a plastic grocery bag or a large storage bag. Press the area of the shoe with the eraser on the plastic of the bag. Then, clean an area in the freezer and place the bag in the freezer with the shoe still inside. Allow it to sit long enough to allow the gum to freeze for at least an hour or two.

Once the gum is frozen, remove the shoe and bag from the freezer. Pull the bag and shoe off each other. The eraser should stick to the bag and solve your problem.

Gum Shoe in a bag

This method is similar to the first one, but you do not have to be at home to do it! All you need is a plastic bag and ice cubes. Place the ice cubes and shoe inside the bag, being careful not to touch the surface of the shoe except the sole. 

To keep the ice cold and prevent it from melting too quickly, use a storage bag that can be closed by a zipper or close the bag. Squeeze the ice on the eraser until it freezes. Then use a butter knife or dull putty to scrape the gum off the shoe. Remember to move the knife slowly to avoid unnecessary complication.

Use solvent to remove chewing gum

Why worry about removing chewing gum from your shoe when you can dissolve it?

You can use lighter fuel efficiently for this purpose. Lighter fuel is generally made from naphtha, which is flammable. Just dip a piece of cloth with naphtha and rub it on the chewing gum. You will see the chewing gum dissolve. 

However, because of the properties of naphtha, there are a number of precautions to take. The most important thing is to make sure the space is well ventilated, considering how easy it is for the naphtha to catch fire.

The nail polish remover can also be used for this purpose. Similar to the procedure already presented, soak a cloth in an acetone-based nail polish remover and then rub it on the chewing gum. 

As in the case of using lighter fluid, you will see the chewing gum dissolve. However, the use of acetone-based nail polish removers must be accompanied by precautions because acetone can damage certain types of shoes, especially suede shoes.

However, the use of acetone-based nail polish removers must be accompanied by precautions because acetone can damage certain types of shoes, especially suede shoes.

The multifunction product WD-40

When we know that WD-40 has more than two thousand uses to offer to its users, it is not surprising that removing chewing gum is one of them.

With WD-40, all you have to do is spray the chewing gum, and the surrounding area, with the WD-40 Multifunction Product and let it work. Avoid applying WD-40 to the fabric of your shoes as this may damage some surfaces.

WD-40 will only take a minute to penetrate, after which you can easily wipe the chewing gum with a cloth. If the chewing gum does not come off easily, repeat the process and use a small spatula or scraper.

Once you have removed the chewing gum, clean the sole of your shoe so there is no trace of WD-40 and you’re done!

So, the next time you accidentally walk on a chewing gum, think of WD-40 to remove it!

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