How to Get Free Robux 10 Proven Working Method (2018)

How to Get Free Robux on Roblox? (METHODS)

This is what you were extremely searching for how to get free robux right?– All the working techniques to get free Robux in Roblox. They are 100% genuine and gives you chances to win free Robux without spending a dollar.

Method 1: Using PointsPrizes

The best and the best strategy on the rundown on the most proficient method to get free Robux for Roblox is through PointsPrizes. In this way, in case you’re in no state of mind to purchase Robux with your charge card, at that point PointsPrizes is your closest companion.

You simply need to invest a little energy in the stage. It is an exceptional GPT site and would give you enough indicates get excessively numerous free Robux in Roblox.

how to get free robux

PointPrizes routinely offers numerous basic traps to win free Robux and focuses for a large number of different recreations also. So how about we plunge somewhat more profound on the best way, to begin with, PointsPrizes.

Essentially, you acquire focuses by finishing assignments on You would then be able to exchange these focuses for nothing Robux, Builders Club Memberships, PSN Codes, Gift Cards, and Steam Wallet Codes.

The PointsPrizes site has several incredible audits and criticism from ROBLOX players. So you can without much of a stretch trust this site.

Indeed, a large number of the kindred clients in the Roblox gatherings have affirmed that they got free Robux sums as guaranteed. Besides, PointsPrizes likewise have a subsidiary program granting 10% commissions to individuals who’ll welcome their companions to join and procure focuses on this stage.

Method 2: Earn Robux Using Free Google Play Codes

In the event that you have trembled somewhat all over, at that point I am certain you have just perused about Google Play Codes and Cards. However, for the players who don’t know about these terms, Google Play Store is the Official Store for Android clients with a huge number of Apps, Games, Movies and so on.

Google Play
Google Play

There are huge amounts of free applications, amusements, and furthermore the excellent variants which you can purchase from genuine cash. In any case, it isn’t our worry starting now.

Since there are as of now many substantial sites offer you with opportunities to get Free Google Play Codes and Cards, you can utilize them for nothing Robux also. I am dead serious!

All you have to do is simply entire some free studies, buy in or finish a given assignment on the site. You would then be able to use these focuses to buy Games, Apps, Movies or Videos on Play Store. Be that as it may, our principal concern is free Robux, so we’ll figure out how we can use this.

This is a truly solid technique since Google is related to it in some way. Utilizing the Google Play Codes is the most looked for the technique to get free Robux for Roblox and you should attempt this before some other trap.

Roblox, as well as utilize the adjust of Google Play Codes to recover focuses in your diversions, for example, Clash Of Clans, 8 Ball Pool and so forth! Presently, to get free Google Play Codes to get free Robux.

Method 3: Get the Builders Club Membership

The following strategy in our rundown is the independently buy Builders Club through the authority Roblox Website.

A portion of the general population wouldn’t see this strategy as ‘FREE’ since you have to buy it utilizing genuine cash. Be that as it may, the top-notch Builder’s Club Membership has significantly a larger number of advantages that you can envision.

Builders Club Membership
Builders Club Membership

The authority ROBLOX Store enables you to recover different offers and rewards as continuous as every day grants.

You will get free Robux of a particular sum. Not just this, the sum naturally increments according to your enrollment level.

Presently, there are three premium enrollment levels, and the standard Robux grants are the accompanying:

1. Exemplary/Regular Builders Club: You can benefit from this enrollment which costs around $5.95 month to month. For the participation, you’ll 15 Robux day by day.

2. Turbo Builders Club Membership: It costs you around $11.95 month to month. Since it costs you more, you’ll get 35 Robux every day and other premium highlights also.

3. Incredible Builders Club Membership: It gives you astonishing in-amusement highlights and expenses about $19.95 every month.

Additionally, the Roblox Company has likewise begun offering single-individual starter packs to every one of the Builders Club Members and existing clients.

For instance, you can purchase the Super Value Kit worth 4500 Robux that costs you roughly $49.95. You will win an additional of 2000 Robux completely FREE as a marking reward, however temporarily as it were.

Also, different advancements and authority improvement updates will dependably profit premium individuals too. In this way, this strategy to get free Robux for Roblox is now confirmed. Additionally, it will profit you over the long haul.

The vast majority of these sites expect you to answer snappy studies and win Google Play credit in return for the focuses. With Google Opinion Rewards, you can without much of a stretch make off a good looking sum by noting straightforward studies.

You can download the applications and answer basic inquiries on a large portion of these stages. All it requires is some time and endeavors.

Method 4: Completing all the Tasks in EasyRobux

Presently, this is a bit, however, we are here to demonstrate that every one of the secrets to getting free Robux is legitimate.

You can acquire the money by finishing simple assignments on


This site is another stage curated particularly for the Roblox sweethearts. Additionally, you can likewise utilize this site on your Smartphone, PC, and Tablet PC.

The site more often than not sets aside up some opportunity to stack up, yet once this was done, you can rapidly get free Robux from the site.

The site presents you with different offers that you can finish to win FREE Robux in Roblox. Every one of the assignments has nitty-gritty data and essential guidelines that you can follow with a specific end goal to win the focuses.

More often than not, the offers include you to download different applications and projects. Different recommendations may likewise incorporate observing a few recordings or instructional exercises on the web.

So when you see diverse undertakings and offers that you have to finish, you have to tail them up until fulfillment. EasyRobux is, be that as it may, not a trusted and checked site on the grounds that any official specialist does not oversee it.

When you finish enough undertakings, it will demonstrate every one of the focuses earned in your Recent Activities. You would then be able to trade these focuses in return for nothing Robux.

Revive completed offers can be asserted utilizing your dashboard. You can specifically tap on “Claim Now” catch, and it will fly up to another window that will divert you to the Roblox site. There, you have to sign in utilizing your username and secret key. After this, you’ll be requested to join a particular gathering in the Roblox Forum.

In any case, ensure that you sign in to the official site as it were. A few tricks may pop up in the middle of to trick you. So be watchful.

At long last, explore to your Roblox account, revive and Voila! You’ll get free Robux in a split second in the wake of updating your record dashboard.

Method 5: Trading Collectibles in the Builders Club

Acquiring the top-notch enrollment in the Builders Club and utilizing it only for nothing Robux day by day isn’t legitimized in any way. Be that as it may, you can surely utilize it for different purposes too.

Since the Builders Club is renowned for its exchanges, you can surely utilize it to exchange protests in return for Free Robux.

Trading Collectibles
Trading Collectibles

All the club individuals are qualified to buy and offer collectibles in the Builders Club Marketplace. It is an incredible place to make some additional free Robux in case you’re high on inventiveness and can make collectibles all alone. In any case, we’ll discuss that later in the article. Here, we are utilizing the Club to exchange and trade collectible as a byproduct of free Robux.

You can set the cost without anyone else for some high-esteem collectibles on request. We have seen individuals offering constrained version collectibles for 17000 Robux worth of a sword.

Along these lines, begin gathering and discovering unique protests in the diversion and offer them in the Builders Marketplace.

Method 6: Earning Free Robux using iTunes Credit

Presently, this strategy is a beautiful sight for all the Apple Users since you can utilize your iTunes Credits for getting free Robux in Roblox Game. To begin, first, you need an iOS gadget, a functioning Internet Connection, and a working cerebrum.

iTunes Credit
iTunes Credit

These strategies are as of now have been discussed in the past focuses, for example, doing basic errands and influencing buys in the Apple To store.

Android clients can likewise profit from this technique since you can utilize free Google Play Codes to get free Robux for you.

Your prizes originate from different errands that you have to finish, for example, taking a study, finishing undertakings or basically watching recordings. You can likewise agree to accept different bulletins separated from downloading applications and amusement in return for focuses or compensates on the App Store.

This is actually, the most trusted and working technique in our rundown to get free Robux in Roblox.

Method 7: Free Robux $25 Gift Card PrizeRebel

PrizeRebel is a standout amongst the broadest stages to win prizes. You can get free Robux in PrizeRebel at the present time.

All you have to do is simply join on the site, do basic errands, and interface with different gamers.

Prize Rebel

With free Robux, you can buy collectibles from your most loved recreations, redesign your character, or make your ideal diversion and condition by buying the fundamental frill. The elite Roblox Builders Club submerges clients to get considerably more things in the event that you have enough free Robux.

Getting free Robux $25 Gift Card in PrizeRebel:

To begin with, enroll on PrizeRebel and check your record.

You can do different things like taking reviews, finishing undertakings and offers, and watch recordings to acquire virtual Points. The assignments are sufficiently straightforward that you can finish them while notwithstanding tasting your espresso or amid a break in your school or school.

You can likewise welcome your companions through referral in the vast majority of these sites to win more indicates all together get free Robux.

When you stack up enough focuses, you would then be able to reclaim the focuses for several prizes, for example, Gift Cards, Visa Gift Cards, Paypal, Dwolla, and Robux!

Method 8: Selling Your Crafts & Creations

As already said, Creativity tremendously offers in Roblox. Keeping aside that you can offer collectibles, for example, Pants, Hats, and Shirts, there’s a lot more to offer.

In the event that you have great outline abilities in the Roblox Studio, at that point, you can offer structures and considerably more for expansive Robux sums.

You can exchange your manifestations or you can get enlisted by individuals to make something in return for nothing Robux.

Crafts Creations
Crafts Creations

The Group Recruiting Plaza is the perfect commercial center to begin your exchanging and retailing business. In spite of the fact that it is only a place to gather enrollment, individuals, for the most part, offer their manifestations there.

You can pay up to 2000 Robux for building a Script or Cafe for different players.

Method 9: Getting Free Robux on RBX Points

Next up on our rundown is a to some degree new site which cases to take care of your concern. Along these lines, in case you’re wanting to get free Robux, at that point you can join on this site to begin.

RBX Points works simply like Point prizes, and the stage offers straightforward reviews about advanced inclinations. Aside from this, you can likewise get programming testing choices, downloading applications and diversions, watching music or enlightening recordings.

All these straightforward errands will request a little measure of your chance, however, the topic of getting free Robux will be recognized. A large portion of the surveys on different destinations have given it very nearly 75% positive criticisms. We haven’t looked at this site to its full degree, however, it is by all accounts working fine until further notice.

Method 10: Oprewards (New)

Lastly, there’s another site that difficulties to fulfill the impulse of each client who considers free Robux throughout the day. Oprewards, which was already known as RBXrewards is truly well known and working yet could be a trick as it isn’t as imminent.


In any case, the working procedure is straightforward and like a large portion of the GPT and Survey destinations. They offer you little reviews that you need to finish.

Finishing these errands would remunerate you free Robux in Roblox. Since PointsPrizes motivate the site, you are furnished with different capacities, for example, downloading applications, watching recordings, finishing speedy studies, and considerably more to get free Robux for Roblox.

In any case, the trust estimation of such sites is entirely low, and we don’t ensure that they would work without a doubt.

Thus, we recommend you go for the other 8 strategies before attempting these last two. In any case, since you’ve remained this long, here’s one all the more energizing and genuine technique to get free Robux.

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