Best Heated Insoles #No. 3 is (Absolutely Stunning)

To protect yourself from the cold, you certainly have pullovers, coats, and scarves. But, have you thought of your feet, which remain one of the most sensitive parts of the body to cold? Best Heated Insoles are special soles designed to protect your feet from the cold and get into your shoes. The heating soles are suitable for both winter sports and everyday use.

Their effectiveness can extend to several hours according to their autonomy, and they recharge themselves on sector. There are remote controls and variable powers. Find in the table below the best heated insoles of the moment! Do not be cold during the winter, buy heating soles!

Hotronic Heated Insoles

Best Heated Insoles

Expert opinion

The Hotronic batteries have been redesigned to last longer than any previous version. After a full charge with the included charger, the four-cell packs can operate for more than 10 hours of continuous use, depending on your heat setting.

HotHands Insole Foot Warmers

HotHands Insole Foot Warmers

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If you prefer not to deal with electrical wires and batteries, then Warm Foot Warmers are an excellent choice. These insoles are safe, disposable and activate when shaken. They are perfect for a variety of outdoor activities as they can last at least 4 hours.

Venture Heated Insoles

Venture Heated Clothing Unisex Insoles

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The Venture Heated is specially designed for motorcyclists who travel in colder climates. They work by drawing energy directly into the battery of your bike, so they do not continue to heat your feet out of the vehicle.

Wireless Heated Insoles: Warmawear Wireless Rechargeable Battery Waterproof Heated Insoles (Small)

Wireless Heated Insoles
Wireless Heated Insoles

If you are looking for the best heated insoles, then we can only recommend the cheap heated insoles with remote control. Why ? Simply because you will have the opportunity to choose when to activate the heating insole cheaper, and when to stop it. This will allow you to keep the energy provided by the sole, and so the duration throughout the day

In addition, with the remote control, you will be able to choose different levels of intensity, which is really very practical. It is definitely a product that we recommend. And if you do not know how to proceed, to choose your heating insole, then we strongly encourage you to read the user reviews. These insoles are found in the comment of the sale that interests you. In this way, you will be able to make the best choice!

Advantages: here is a pair of practical insoles because it suits all shoes. It can work for a duration of 3 or 4 hours, depending on the intensity level you choose. Wait, that’s not all! Indeed, it is appreciated that the heat is well distributed in the feet. It is therefore a sole that offers you great comfort

Disadvantages: they cut a little big

Ski insole: Thermal insoles with two levels of warmt

Thermacell Original Heated Insoles
Thermacell Original Heated Insoles

Choosing the best heated insoles is also opt for a sole to its size. Therefore, it is necessary to inquire about the type of size offered by the manufacturer. Why not use a comparison? On our website heated insoles, you will find a comparator that can definitely help you to see more clearly. You will be able to make a comparison of the different sizes. This ranking will allow you to choose the product that fits your requirements

Wait, that’s not all! Indeed, if you have planned to put thick socks, in addition to your soles, it is better to choose a size a little smaller. Think of everything in order to properly prepare your heated insole purchase, this is our advice!

Would you like to buy good quality heating sole? In this case, do not wait any longer to discover the model that we will present here. It will certainly meet all your expectations.

Advantages: Here is an excellent product, which ensures excellent heat distribution. These insoles are hand washable, and it is very easy to put on them. It works with batteries, and can be recharged directly on the mains. Against the cold, this is definitely what we recommend

Disadvantages: we regret that the autonomy is low

Best Heated Insoles for 
Hunting Fishing Hiking

Best Heated Insoles for 
Best Heated Insoles for 
  • Heat duration: enjoy 10 hours of heat, average temperature: 37 ° C, does not open for 3 years.
  • Immediate use: remove the heating pad, place the shoe bed, activate in contact with the air.
  • Perfect size: 25 cm long, suitable for every bed, even ski boots.
  • Suitable for all types of winter sports, stadium and Christmas market courses and all outdoor activities – more cold feet.
  • Natural and non-toxic ingredients: iron powder, salt, activated charcoal, water and vermiculite, no preheating required.

Heating Insole: what it allows you

The heating sole is a sole that is placed at the bottom of your shoe, and that will keep you really warm. It can be used as part of a winter sport, or just everyday, especially if you live in an area where the climate is particularly cold.

That’s right, it’s the essential accessory. No need to invest in a pair of heated shoes. Indeed, the sole will be effective, anyway. Now we will talk about the different models of shoes available.

The types of heating insoles

You live in cold regions, and despite the proper clothing, you do not always feel the comfort and warmth, especially at your extremities. The solution for your feet is the heated soleplate to make you feel comfortable anytime. It is placed at the bottom of the shoes, and it keeps the feet really warm and dry. The heating soles can be of several types:

Natural heated Insoles

Natural insoles are made from materials that keep you warm at all times. It is advisable to choose a material that can keep the heat well. For example, you can opt for wool or other synthetic fabrics that can bring you the desired comfort.

Wireless heated Insoles with remote control

These are soles that facilitate the choice of the intensity of the heat to be delivered by the sole. At any time, you have the option to disable or activate it as soon as you feel the first signs of cold.

Wireless heated Insoles with multiple powers

It is a smart accessory that adapts to the ambient temperature giving you a great comfort. These insoles are self-supporting and guarantee warmth, even in colder places or high mountains.

Rechargeable Heated insoles: rechargeable or not?

It is true, in the trade, you will very easily find rechargeable heated insoles.

How do they work? It is very simple. Wirelessly, they charge on the mains thanks to a charging cable, and allow you to keep warm for several hours. It all depends on the autonomy of the heating soles you choose.

In the rest of this guide, we will see what are the characteristics of a good wireless heating soleplate. If you do not want to invest in this product, be aware that you have the option to choose heating soles that are not electric, but made of materials that have the particularity of retaining heat.

In this way, you will really be able to enjoy it.

Wireless heated insoles: how to choose?

You are interested in buying wireless heating soles? In this case, here are some tips that can help you choose it:

    • With a remote control : some soles, the most advanced, are equipped with a remote control. What is it for ? It’s very simple: this remote control allows you to choose the intensity of the heat released by the sole, but also to deactivate it, when you no longer need it, or to activate it, when you start to feel them. signs of cold
    • With different powers : this function is particularly suitable if you ski or any other winter sport. Indeed, in the mountains, temperatures can be particularly cold. Also, your heating soleplate will adapt easily

Here’s how to do it, to choose the best sole possible. Of course, it is necessary to select it, according to your needs. Where to buy your pair of insoles? That’s what we’ll see, right now.

Heated ski sole: where to buy it?

Of course, you have the opportunity to invest in a Decathlon heating sole. You will find more or less sophisticated models, for a good price / quality ratio.

However, be aware that on the net, it is quite possible to make good business, whether during sales or not. Indeed, the online shops offer particularly functional products, for unbeatable prices .

It’s time to do some research!

Heating sole: for whom?

Who do we recommend the heating soles?

To all those who practice mountain activities, to those who live in cold regions, or just to people who want to feel comfortable during the coldest months of the year.

Stop cold in the winter, if you’re looking for the best possible way to get cold feet out of the cold in the winter, we’ll give you all the tips below. 
Obviously, it is impossible to miss the revolution that is the appearance, or rather the invention (and then the marketing) of the heating soleplate.

Zoom on the heating sole

The heating soles can be of several types. You can find both wireless heating soles and heated soles with a built-in battery.

Originally, this type of equipment such as heating shoes or even heated socks or rechargeable heating sole was reserved for people who were skiing.

Indeed, in the same way that winter sports enthusiasts invested in shoes dedicated to downhill skiing or in ski pants, they bought ski accessories type insole heating.

Tips for not getting cold feet

If you have a strong tendency to always have frozen feet, and this summer as winter, the arrival of low temperatures is difficult for you.

So you will probably live with ever colder feet over the months. While waiting for the summer and its ever higher temperatures – even near-canicular – come back (finally), we suggest you discover below some good tips to have the feet warmed this winter.

    • In case of extreme cold, you can use creams to apply for their vasodilator effect.

Indeed, it is known that hypothermia points the tip of his nose when there is a poor circulation of blood. The joint effect of the massage and the cream allow you to limit the sensation of cold.

We do not always think about it but the disadvantage of our classic city shoes is also and especially not enough to isolate us from the ground. That means that you will have all the cold that will pierce and come bruising your feet.

But, side feet (and body ends generally) when the cold is there, difficult to dislodge.

    • Play the map of the overlay, obviously.

Rather than put a single pair of socks, you will put two. Put a warm tights under your jeans. Put on a tights with a padded interior designed to keep you warm, etc.

Here are just as many tips that ensure maximum thermal comfort with tips and natural remedies. That means

We suggest you learn more below about the possibility that you have Raynaud’s syndrome. It is a condition that can mainly affect teenagers and young adults, but also occurs in adults in a more serious and more embarrassing form in everyday life.

We propose you to learn a little more. And this, whether you plan to leave soon on ski holidays or not.

Cold and Raynaud’s syndrome

Do you know Raynaud’s syndrome? Raynaud’s syndrome is a major circulation disorder that will mainly affect the extremities of the body and joints as well. But often, it is the hands, the fingers but also the feet and toes that will be the most affected.

There are two possible forms for this disease. Either you suffer from a primary type in which case you are surely a teenager or a young adult. In winter, your fingers or feet become completely blue then white. The skin becomes thicker and harder.

It is simply that under the effect of the cold, the blood circulates extremely badly and does not come to irrigate the extremities of your body any more. Nothing serious, but you are going to have numb fingers and extremely hard to regain normal warmth.

If in doubt, it is strongly recommended that you consult a general practitioner as soon as possible. That is to say, a person who will give you all the necessary indications to diagnose the disease but also assess if you have symptoms of complications.

Indeed, sometimes Raynaud’s syndrome will cause an ulcer, etc. So be more vigilant about it even if there is a good chance that nothing bad happens.

The Benefits of Heating soles

There is nothing better to ruin your day than to have your feet stiff, sore and cold. If you’ve ever had to work outside once it’s colder then you know what I mean – not to mention those crazy people who go out in the snow of their own free will to do things like hunt and to fish.

If you insist on going out when it’s so cold, the least you can do is go slowly on your feet. Heated insoles are a great way to make sure you do not run the risk of frostbite if you stay too long in the elements. Of course, if your feet start to sweat, it’s just as dangerous, so the heating insoles are designed to keep them at a constant temperature.

In addition, science learns that your mother may have been right from the beginning: cold feet can lead to illnesses like colds and flu. Cold feet can redirect blood away from the nose, reducing its ability to prevent pathogens from entering your bloodstream.

You also run the risk of a trench foot, which is about as sexy as it looks. Repeated exposure to wet, icy conditions can cause blood vessels to constrict in your undergarments, keeping the heat warm but depriving your feet of essential nutrients and oxygen. A trench foot can kill you, so it’s nothing to take lightly.

Foot problems can also cause problems elsewhere, such as back pain, knees, shoulders, and basically any other part of your body. Your posture starts with your feet, so if they are so cold that you can not stand up properly, it can have a domino effect on the rest of your frame.

Beyond the health impacts, life is easier to manage when your feet are comfortable. You can work longer and do more, and you will not be unhappy all day. Book for pound, any purchase you can make to keep your feet happy is a wise investment indeed.

How heating soles work

There are many different types of insoles on the market, and many of them work uniquely. The basic idea behind everyone is the same, however, which is to keep your feet warm by pumping artificial heat.

Many are powered by batteries, often with remote controls that allow you to turn them on and off at will. This is great for regulating the temperature because you can stop the heat before it becomes overwhelming. Of course, this means that you will need to replace the batteries (even though many insoles come with rechargeable options), and may also limit the amount of time per day you can enjoy having grilled dogs.

There are some that are designed specifically for motorcyclists, and these can draw energy directly from the bike’s battery. It’s great for long hikes because you’ll never run out of juice (or if you do, you’ll have bigger problems on your arms). The disadvantage is that they only work as long as you ride a bike, so they are better for people who work indoors, or for those whose work allows them to travel by motorcycle in the office.

Some models even offer benefits that go beyond keeping warm. The insoles can be designed to help you stay in balance, which is perfect for people like roofers. Some high-end models emit far-infrared waves through your foot, which is supposed to help prevent fatigue by reducing muscle contractions.

Other ways to pamper your boots on the road

Taking care of your feet is not just about keeping them warm, of course. Foot pain can be debilitating because it is very difficult to lead an active life when each step is painful. The following suggestions can help you keep your feet in perfect shape so that you can continue doing the things you love.

One of the most important things you can do to prevent foot pain is to make sure you have enough arch support. The arch boosts the weight of your body with every step, but if it does not have a good ground below, it can easily become tense or torn. This can lead to conditions such as plantar fasciitis, which causes extreme heel pain.

Foot exercises are another wonderful way to keep everything in good working order. Doing things like picking up balls or creasing a towel with your toes keeps all the muscles and ligaments of your foot strong and supple, which, in turn, allows them to better manage the long hours spent standing each day. Of course, you will look ridiculous in doing them, but there is a reason why people say, “Pride goes before the fallen arch. “

Yoga is fantastic for your feet, strengthening them while giving you a good balance and a solid foundation. Stretching your muscles is also great for reducing inflammation, which is one of the main symptoms of many foot problems. Of course, yoga can also help you live longer, look better and think more clearly, but it is a huge benefit for your feet.

Once you have taken care of your feet, you will probably find that your entire perspective changes. You will not feel so exhausted at the end of the day, and you will have the energy to train, do chores or take care of everything you’ve put off.

Feel free to use this information to tell your partner how many other things you would do at home if you had your feet rubbed from time to time.

Crossfit shoes

Best Cross Training Shoes for Flat Feet (#18 is Absolutely Stunning)

How to choose your best cross training shoes for flat feet or best crossfit shoes for flat feet? What characteristics are important? Why special shoes? What price to put? Check out the answers to all of these questions in this article!

Best Cross Training Shoes for Flat Feet

But what makes a good shoe? And above all, which one to choose? Between the hybrids and those for weightlifting, here is, to make the right choice, our selection of the Best Cross Training Shoes for Flat Feet.

Nike Men’s Free Metcon Ankle-High Cross Trainer Shoe

Best Cross Training Shoes for Flat Feet
Nike Men’s Free Metcon Ankle

The Nike Metcon Ankle, the latest version, is a shoe that continues to be specifically designed for CrossFit and muscle building. It obviously takes the technologies that made the success of previous editions, such as Flywire cables that offer the necessary support without ever depriving freedom of movement.

The sole that knows how to be firm at the heel but more flexible at the front foot, especially to ensure good stability and good cushioning. But on this version, the textured mesh has been improved, and this shoe is now even stronger, even lighter and even more resistant. What to accompany during all the training and exercises without ever failing!

Our opinion: 

Since the highly successful Nike Metcon, this CrossFit shoe has clearly returned to our radar, and with the Metcon, we can say that Nike continues to win its bet! Once again, as soon as we put on this new version.

We feel the help and we realize very quickly that it is perfectly versatile and therefore ideal for weightlifting exercises, powerlifting or even for jumps and jumps. burpees. It shows stability and flexibility at the same time, and good news, the mesh continues to be resistant! 

As with all Metcon, the toe box remains wider, and if it is a detail that we particularly appreciate, we must clarify that it is not necessarily suitable for people with narrow feet!

Reebok Men’s CROSSFIT Nano 8.0 Flexweave Cross Trainer

Reebok Men's CROSSFIT Nano 8.0 Flexweave Cross Trainer
Reebok Men’s CROSSFIT Nano

The Reebok Nano 8.0 helps to exceed its limits by allowing to enjoy an incomparable comfort! Thanks to its midsole (flexible at the front but firm at the heel), it is an ideal shoe for CrossFit training since it shows the flexibility and stability needed to adapt to all exercises. 

Especially since flex grooves for natural movement are also present at the front. With its abrasion-resistant rubber, it also grips perfectly, and well-placed strategic reinforcements increase its strength and durability. 

Its NanoWeave stem finally ensures a perfect support of the foot, without weighing it down so as not to impair performance.

Our opinion: 

The Reebok Nano is now a CrossFit training classic, and this 8.0 version is just as successful as the previous ones! The movements are free but the ankle is still well maintained. 

Balance and stability are at the rendezvous but you never feel stuck to the ground. And unlike the very first versions, the brand has continued its momentum with this lightweight shoe, not rigid and really versatile enough to tackle any WOD. 

We do not feel cramped in the toe box, and resistance question, it is the weight and supports very well training. In addition, even if its design is a little more simple for our taste, it is nonetheless really tempting!

Under Armour Men’s Limitless 3.0 Cross-Trainer Shoe

Under Armour Men's Limitless 3.0 Cross-Trainer Shoe
Under Armour Men’s Limitless 3.0 Cross-Trainer Shoe

The CrossFit Under Armor UA Limitless TR 3.0 shoe offers support and flexibility thanks to its hull-shaped upper with lightweight mesh. With its midsole, both firm behind but supple in front, it favors cushioning and freedom of movement during training.

But without forgetting the importance of maintaining natural gestures thanks to a floating space above the body. arch of the foot. For perfect stability, the outer heel is reinforced and grooves in the outsole guarantee optimal grip on any surface.

 Lightweight and breathable, it is a resistant shoe with reinforced shell that is able to withstand friction and abrasions.

Our opinion: 

The Under Armor UA Limitless TR 3.0 is, in its entirety, a good CrossFit shoe. Although we found that it lacked a bit of comfort compared to other brands (we felt a little more cramped), they have all the versatility needed for performance remains the main goal of every training! 

The drop is not very thin but we have never felt penalized in terms of the energy to be provided, and in terms of the balance between flexibility and lightness on one side, and solidity and stability of the other, she does rather a good job. It’s not a Nike or a Reebok, but it’s also less expensive, and to start in CrossFit when you have a limited budget, it can do the trick!

Reebok Men’s CROSSFIT Nano 6.0 Cross Trainer

Reebok Men's CROSSFIT Nano 6.0 Cross Trainer
Reebok Men’s CROSSFIT Nano 6.0 Cross Trainer


  • Great comfort of use (widened toe box and less hard heel)
  • Revised Kevlar coating
  • Perfect versatility on all exercises
  • More sober design
  • Solid and durable

The lessers:

  • Lack of breath ability

Presentation and characteristics

The Reebok CrossFit Nano 6.0 is part of the long line of shoes developed by the brand for the practice of CrossFit. In this new evolution, the design has been revised to a more anatomical shape and the sole has been improved for better cushioning, while the presence of kevlar has been preserved to always offer strength and lightness during different WOD.

If in terms of design, the Nano 6.0 takes the main lines of the 5.0, alleviating the passage of some inscriptions for a more sober effect, it also retains the Kevlar coating around the shoe. 

The goal is to strengthen the upper to make the shoe more resistant, but also more stable and lightweight to perform all movements and exercises. Question strength, technology RopePro + also has the same vocation: positioned on the side, it protects the shoe while providing better grip when climbing rope.

With its 4mm drop, the Nano 6.0 guarantees very stable supports, reinforced by an enlarged toe box compared to the previous model and an always ergonomic midsole for good cushioning and shock absorption. But the grip is not forgotten either thanks to the MetaSplit outsole with raised squared patterns. It’s a totally versatile CrossFit shoe: its design makes it fun to use for running, conditioning, gymnastics or even weight lifting.

Main characteristics :

  • Hybrid shoes for multidisciplinary sports
  • Kevlar coating for strength, lightness and support
  • Ropepro + technology for better grip
  • MetaSplit outsole for grip
  • Ergonomic and anatomical design with enlarged toe box
  • Drop: 4 mm
  • Weight: 280 g

Advantages and disadvantages

With these Reebok CrossFit Nano 6.0, the brand really wins its bet since it succeeds the perfect mix between the previous models: the shoes find a look simpler and less loaded, they recover the comfort of use which had been lost with the 5.0 , but they retain the good improvements, especially in terms of performance and sustainability.

In detail, in terms of comfort (which was the big weak point of the previous model), we welcome with pleasure the return of the mesh on the top of the shoe since the Kevlar was too rigid and had a tendency to hurt pretty much in the long run.

we appreciate the fact that the narrowness of the toes has disappeared in favor of a wider box toe, and most importantly, we find with joy a good shock absorption, the sole having good cushioning again. 

The positioning of the Kevlar around the shoe is finally better thought since it equips this Nano 6.0 with good resistance and good durability without hindering any movement: we run, we jump and we raise without encountering any problem!

Its extreme versatility would become almost its main defect: to want to adapt to all areas, it does not mark the spirits. We will necessarily find better, whether for the race, for the gym, or especially for the dumbbell. But as versatility is a bit of a base for a CrossFit shoe, it’s not necessarily the most reprehensible. However, we can still note that it lacks a little breathability: the mesh coating on the sides would have helped the feet to breathe better.

The note of the editorial: 

The Reebok CrossFit Nano 6.0 are clearly the best CrossFit shoes currently on the market. They are endowed with all the desired characteristics: a soft and durable covering, for the lightness and the solidity, a heel which ensures at the same time a good maintenance and a good cushioning, and a comfort of optimal use. 

These are shoes in which we feel comfortable, comfortable, and that we wear with pleasure throughout the WOD, whatever the exercises of the day. Ideal for focusing only on our performance!

NIKE Mens Metcon 2 Mesh Training Trainers

NIKE Mens Metcon 2 Mesh Training Trainers
NIKE Mens Metcon 2 Mesh Training Trainers


  • Coating resistant to friction
  • Dual density outsole for better cushioning
  • Rear of the reinforced shoe for more stability
  • Adherent grip for climbing rope
  • Non-slip heel for HSPU

The lessers:

  • Not suitable for long running exercises

Presentation and characteristics

The Nike Metcon 2 is a versatile and hybrid training shoe, ideal for multi-disciplinary sports like CrossFit. They are therefore designed to meet the main expectations of athletes in many areas. Stable, light and resistant, they adapt to all types of exercises, be they gymnastics movements or muscle building.

It is used in different ways to always properly restore energy: the sole made of a double density foam and firm rubber heel offer, for example, excellent cushioning and stability, while FlyWire technology, with its cables placed inside the shoe, ensures a perfect support of the foot. 

The toe box has also been enlarged, to give more freedom to the toes and feel less confined. With only 293g, it is also very light, which gives good freedom of movement and does not interfere with quick footwork.

All its exterior design has also been neat. The padded collar of foam at the ankle adds comfort and protection, the ventilation of the foot has not been forgotten, but it is especially the materials used for manufacturing that make the shoe more solid and durable. 

Its mesh lining is designed to withstand even the most intense training, and it has grip areas on the sides, for a perfect grip when climbing rope. A non-slip heel is finally present on the back of the shoe, placed especially for a perfect realization of HSPU.

Main characteristics:

  • Hybrid shoes for multidisciplinary sports
  • Mesh coating against abrasions and optimal ventilation
  • Flywire technology for light and dynamic foot support
  • External reinforcements for all types of exercises
  • Improved comfort (dual density sole, foam collar at the ankle)
  • Weight: 293 g

Advantages and disadvantages

What we like about the Nike Metcon 2 is that it has managed to remove all the flaws of the Metcon 1, which was already a very good shoe for the practice of CrossFit. We find ourselves with a model almost irreproachable, and its popularity with cross fitters is totally justified. 

Until now, it’s also the shoe that has seduced us most, thanks to the perfect blend of aesthetics and technical qualities. (What about the choice of colors and more? On the store of Nike, it is even possible to create your own model, choosing the least pattern or color!)

In addition to being beautiful, they are even more powerful. The materials used are strong, the seams are strong, and the front of the shoe has been sensibly reinforced! Stability and support are perfect: whether on squats or weightlifting exercises, the entire back of the shoe is rigid enough to position well. 

The grip is ideal for climbing rope, and the entire coating of the shoe is resistant to friction. It is a shoe that is really made to last and support all the training! And even if it is only a detail, we love the addition of non-slip heel: in the room, the HSPU are now much more fluid!

The only complaint we could make him is that its relative rigidity makes it less comfortable than the Metcon 1 for the racing exercises. But during WOD, these exercises usually do not exceed 400m or 800m, and for short distances like these, the shoe is still quite agile and pleasant.

The note of the editorial: 

The Nike Metcon 2 is a pretty success and is the perfect compromise for CrossFit. It offers both rigidity and stability for weightlifting exercises, but it also knows how to be flexible and light to perfectly restore energy when you have to jump, run, etc. 

Solid and comfortable, it has everything you need to become the CrossFit shoe par excellence . Especially since its price is also rather affordable and it comes in many looks to please the greatest number!

Reebok Women’s Crossfit Nano 5.0 Training Shoe

Reebok Women's Crossfit Nano 5.0 Training Shoe
Reebok Women’s Crossfit Nano 5.0 Training Shoe

The Reebok CrossFit Nano 5.0 is the lightest training shoe of the brand, but it also marks a technical evolution: ever more innovative, it is now equipped with a reinforced stem with Kevlar, to make it even more resistant. 

Stable and comfortable at the same time, it offers extra space for the toes while absorbing the impact effectively thanks to an ergonomic sole. Its drop still lowered to 3mm only makes it more perfect for all types of exercises. Finally, its RopePro reinforcements and its raised patterns protect the shoe from wear while giving it a better grip at the same time.

Our opinion: 

The presence of kevlar inside the Reebok CrossFit Nano 5.0 makes the opinion rather mixed. If it is true that it gives him a lot of resistance and very good stability, especially for weightlifting movements (especially thanks to NanoShell technology that offers good support even when lifting heavy loads), it becomes a little too rigid for the race and tends, in this case, to hurt the feet. 

It is therefore preferable for WOD that do not include this kind of exercises, since apart from this small defect, it is very comfortable to wear and adapts well to all other movements.

Nike Men’s Metcon 1 Cross Training Shoe

Nike Men's Metcon 1 Cross Training Shoe
Nike Men’s Metcon 1 Cross Training Shoe

The Nike Metcon 1 has been specially designed to meet the needs of multidisciplinary training, ensuring good support and stability, while having the necessary lightness. 

The drop between the heel and the front of the foot is as minimal as possible, to have a good grip on the ground during weight lifting exercises (Flywire cables also envelop the arch to provide a perfect support). 

Flex grooves allow for the most natural movement possible, for example when jumping. And finally, a sturdy and abrasion-resistant mesh was laid, to make the shoe last in time.

Our opinion : 

Despite the arrival of his successor, the Nike Metcon 1 is still a CrossFit shoe as popular. Whether at the level of robustness, flexibility and even stability, it is almost without fault. 

Burpees, box jumps, deadlifts, it adapts perfectly to all the exercises and one feels at ease with these shoes with the feet, that one needs flexibility or even stability.

 Even at the design level, although she remains quite wise, her colors make her elegant and attractive. Be careful, however, it tends to carve a little small, which can be embarrassing for some exercises.

Reebok Men’s Crossfit Nano 4.0 Training Shoe

Reebok Men's Crossfit Nano 4.0 Training Shoe
Reebok Men’s Crossfit Nano 4.0 Training Shoe

Considered since its release as one of the CrossFit shoes par excellence, the Reebok CrossFit Nano 4.0 combines performance, strength and comfort. Thanks to DuraCage technology, the shaft has been redesigned to be securely protected while remaining lightweight. 

The outer and middle soles have been coated with the RopePro protection, against abrasion, which optimizes the grip during climbs to the rope. Shock absorption, forefoot cushioning and heel stability are also provided by dual density foam. Finally, a new mesh base allows a better breathability of the foot.

Our opinion:

Whether on paper or in real condition, the Reebok CrossFit Nano 4.0 is one of the best shoes for the practice of CrossFit. Versatile yet comfortable and comfortable to wear, it conforms to the shape of the foot and adapts perfectly to any exercise and any WOD. 

We particularly appreciate its width and flexibility at the toes, which makes it stable and suitable for different movements. In addition, at the level of aesthetics, again it hits hard because it is pretty, available in many colors, and can even be fully customized. It is a shoe that can be recommended to both beginners and experienced athletes.

Reebok Men’s Crossfit Nano 3.0 Training Shoe

Reebok Men's Crossfit Nano 3.0 Training Shoe
Reebok Men’s Crossfit Nano 3.0 Training Shoe

The Reebok CrossFit 3.0 is in line with the training shoes designed by the brand. Versatile, it is based on many technical innovations that have perfected and makes it comfortable to wear and use. 

With its 4mm drop between the heel and forefoot and Dual Density technology, it reaches almost the perfect balance to ensure stability and cushioning irreproachable. 

Breathable mesh and anti-friction lining help reduce irritation. Rope Guard medial and lateral reinforcements provide abrasion resistance. And lastly, its perforated ortholite foam sockliner gives feet comfort in all situations.

Our advice:

Although now replaced by versions 4.0 and 5.0, the Reebok CrossFit 3.0 has yet to bowed out. Still performing well in many exercises, she is mostly very stable, and this is reflected in weightlifting movements, for example. 

Although it is versatile, it lacks a bit of cushioning at the heel and is not fully adapted to long runs. On the other hand, it compensates by having a fairly wide space at the toes, which makes it very comfortable to wear. To start in the CrossFit, its price and technical performance are well worth it to choose this previous generation.

Inov-8 F-Lite 240-U Cross-Trainer Shoe

Inov-8 F-Lite 240-U Cross-Trainer Shoe
Inov-8 F-Lite 240-U Cross-Trainer Shoe

The Inov-8 brand may not have the same appeal as Reebok and Nike in our country, but its F-Lite 240 is one of the most versatile training shoes. Light, it has a new, more durable sole that adapts to jumps and runs as well as to weight lifting. 

With 6mm of drop between the heel and fore foot, and the presence of patented technology Meta-Flex, it provides more stability while allowing mobility in movement. It finally has rubber reinforcements on the underside and sides, to give a better grip in case of climbing, and to avoid the risk of abrasion.

Our Review:

This Inov-8 F-Lite 240 already has its fans in our English friends and it is easy to understand why, since it has all the features that make it a complete CrossFit shoe, which is nice to wear while being rather versatile. 

Small bonus, the brand even offers two different models for the front of the shoe: a precision model, narrower, and a standard model, wider, with a flared toe box, for those who like to have room for their toes. Too bad, however, that it is in a price range that directly competes with the Reebok CrossFit Nano 4.0 which is still more successful.

Best Crossfit Shoes for Flat Feet

Nike Men’s Romaleos 3 Weightlifting Shoes

Nike Men's Romaleos 3 Weightlifting Shoes
Nike Men’s Romaleos 3 Weightlifting Shoes

The Nike Romaleos 3 focuses primarily on the stability and support of the foot to give the wearer all the strength he needs for his weightlifting training. 

The shoe is equipped with Flywire cables and nylon straps for mid-foot to keep without trapping, but also a thermoplastic plate with honeycomb pattern so that the stability is not at the expense of lightness. 

Thanks to an interchangeable insole, it adapts more perfectly to each exercise by giving preference to flexibility or firmness. As for the outsole, its resistant rubber guarantees optimum grip on all surfaces.

Our opinion: 

In terms of performance, the Nike Romaleos is a very well designed weightlifting shoe! We loved everything she brought to the success of our strength exercises in CrossFit, including a very good support coupled with perfect stability. 

We put it on and we feel good inside, especially because the toe box is wide enough and the insole is comfortable. On the other hand, this model seems to have a small problem of design since many sportsmen complained of the tongue which tore out a little too easily, even if they did not pull strong on it. 

For this price, it should obviously not happen, but it does not detract from the effectiveness of this shoe!

Reebok Men’s Legacy Lifter Sneaker

Reebok Men's Legacy Lifter Sneaker
Reebok Men’s Legacy Lifter Sneaker

The Reebok Legacy Lifter is a weightlifting shoe specially designed to excel every new training! Thanks to the Flexcage technology, the upper has been built to provide both stability and lightness, while Exoframe technology surrounds the heel and ankle for perfect support. 

With these 2 Velcro straps, the foot is always held in position, but that does not stop it from breathing well since the mesh and perforated leather used provides optimal ventilation. Finally, to stay on the ground even when lifting a bit heavy, the rubber outsole guarantees excellent grip and the thermoplastic platform keeps the mastery!

Our opinion: 

With the Reebok Legacy Lifter, we are on a weightlifting shoe that has almost everything to please! The insoles and outsoles are ideally made to make you feel safe during the exercises: the stability is at the top, the foot does not move and we stay dry even when the effort becomes more intense. 

During simple squats or powerlifting, it really maintains! If it is also very resistant, we would have liked against that it is a little wider, especially at the level of the tip of the foot: it can feel cramped when you have wide feet. But except this detail, it’s a very good weightlifting shoe, at a price quite average market!

Inov-8 Men’s Fastlift 325 Cross-Trainer Shoe

Inov-8 Men's Fastlift 325 Cross-Trainer Shoe
Inov-8 Men’s Fastlift 325 Cross-Trainer Shoe

The Inov8 FastLift 325 makes the bet of lightening and gaining flexibility to be more comfortable during the WODs: thanks to its grip system and its PowerTrusst technology, it is able to keep in place the foot for a perfect stability during the movements of force, it however gains in versatility to be usable on other exercises of CrossFit. 

It still retains the classic design of a weightlifting shoe with its strengthening of the heel contour to prevent movement during a lift and outsole that offers maximum grip. As for the exterior coating, it combines polyester and mesh to guarantee resistance and breathability!

Our opinion: 

One might think that the Inov8 FastLift 325 has lost sight of its objective by presenting itself as lighter and more flexible, but in reality it is not so! Although on paper, these are characteristics that can be scary when we seek above all a shoe that will anchor us to the ground, when we wear it, we quickly realize that it is still very powerful, while being comfortable and more. 

This is obviously not a shoe designed for the most experienced weightlifters, but when you start in CrossFit, it can be well equipped, at a lower cost, and can also be used for other exercises (as long as it’s not about racing). Depending on the profile, it can be a very wise choice!

NIKE Men’s Legend 2.0

NIKE Men's Legend 2.0
NIKE Men’s Legend 2.0


  • Strong and rigid for good stability
  • Excellent foot support
  • Ideal drop for a good balance
  • 2 pairs of insoles
  • Modern design and various colors

The lessers:

  • Among the most expensive shoes
  • Only for weightlifting movements

Presentation and characteristics

The Nike Romaleos 2 are athletic shoes created specifically for the practice of weightlifting and for weightlifting exercises of multidisciplinary sports such as CrossFit. From the lacing to the soles, everything in its design aims to offer optimal support to the athlete, to enable him to perform his movements in the best conditions.

To keep the foot in place, they first have an integrated lacing system that combines with two large straps Velcro straps, for a feeling of perfect support even in the middle of the foot. An elastic was then placed inside the shoe, at the upper part, to accompany tendon movements during a clean-jerk, for example. 

But weightlifting requires, it is especially the soles that have the best technologies. The midsole, equipped with the Nike Power Bridge, is made of multiple cells for maximum stability. And two pairs of insoles are included for more versatility in the use of the shoe: the pair of soft soles adapts very well to training while the pair of firm soles is ideal for the competition.

Finally, to ensure a good position, either in reception or squat, the thermoplastic wedge heel displays a drop of 1.9cm. The shoe, meanwhile, weighs 477g, enough to always have the impression of being well maintained on the ground. To guarantee this sensation, it is entirely created from a robust and durable synthetic material. The little flexibility it possesses therefore offers constant stability.

Main characteristics:

  • Weightlifting shoes
  • Integrated lacing and 2 Velcro straps
  • Midsole with honeycomb system
  • Thermoplastic wedge heel
  • Drop: 1.9 cm
  • Weight: 477 g
  • Accessories: 2 pairs of soles (soft / firm)

Advantages and disadvantages

Of all the weightlifting shoes we’ve tested (including the Reebok Lifter Plus and the Adidas Adipower), the Nike Romaleos 2 are by far the ones that convinced us the most! 

This opinion encompasses all aspects of the shoe, both its design and its technical qualities. Even if the tastes are still personal, we like the fact that they are both modern and masculine. They are also available in many colors, and on this point, it’s a shame that the store of Nike offers only a few!

But it is inevitably to the use that they prove their excellent design. They are heavy and solid, the materials used are of quality and they are not very flexible, which is rather reassuring from the beginning. 

The straps have a nice finish, just like the soles. These are clearly shoes that will last in time! It is appreciated that the brand provides 2 pairs of different soles, to use according to the moment. The drop is perfect and really helps to maintain its position, whether in shoulder, snatch or even squat. 

Not to mention the sole, rigid, which offers a nice stability. Small bonus, they even avoid the slender design to offer space with wide feet, which also makes them very comfortable to wear!

It should be noted that these are only shoes dedicated to weightlifting, which therefore adapt poorly to various WOD, with race and jump, for example, for those who practice CrossFit. Similarly, as they are quite expensive, it is better to opt for Reebok Lifter Plus or Adidas Adipower if you are a beginner (weightlifter or crossfitter, by the way).

The note of the editorial: 

The Nike Romaleos 2 is clearly one of the best weightlifting shoes at the moment . Robust, rigid and solid, they offer all the support, the balance and the stability necessary for the realization of the different movements and exercises.

 Although they are still quite expensive, and they must be necessarily associated with another pair of shoes for multidisciplinary sports like CrossFit, they are so well designed that it would be impossible not to recommend them. For confirmed athletes who only want to equip themselves with the best!

adidas Men’s Leistung 16 Weightlifting Shoes

adidas Men's Leistung 16 Weightlifting Shoes
adidas Men’s Leistung 16 Weightlifting Shoes

The Adidas Leistung 16 is a shoe cut for the practice of weightlifting. With its raised heel and wide sole, the alignment of the body is favored for many exercises such as snatchs or clean & jerk. 

For a perfect power transfer, the front of the foot has been created both soft and flat, while the heel has additional supports to ensure optimum stability. 

Finally, in addition to the flat outsole that allows good contact with the ground, Adidas has developed its own Boa closure system, which keeps the foot safe, so that it does not move during training.

Our advice: 

Designed this time for the Rio Olympics, so more recent, the Adidas Leistung 16 are the answer of the brand to the Nike models that dominate the market. And this answer is rather satisfying since these shoes are once again ideal for the practice of weightlifting or for strength exercises in CrossFit. 

By combining support and stability with an appreciable weight and a good hold of the foot (while sparing the heel with light polymer), they bring all that is necessary for successful training. Too bad the price is still a bit high.

adidas Men’s Adipower Weightlift Shoes

adidas Men's Adipower Weightlift Shoes
adidas Men’s Adipower Weightlift Shoes

The Adidas adiPower weightlifting shoe, with its strong supports, is designed to help stay stable even under the heaviest loads. Whether it is its specific chassis with polyurethane-coated leather upper, its Torsion System or its lightweight polymer heel, everything is done to guarantee comfort, support and stability, from the heel to the tip of the feet and through the arch of the foot.

Moreover, the fastener has not been forgotten since the shoe offers a Velcro strap in addition to the usual laces. Finally, the mesh mesh mesh and the Vent Flow openings in the outsole provide optimal breathability.

Our opinion: 

What is especially good about these Adidas adiPower is how the brand has managed to create weightlifting shoes in which the foot remains perfectly in place. The maintenance is perfect, which helps to give all the necessary energy during weightlifting movements, for example. 

But the qualities do not stop there, since the shoe is also comfortable enough to wear, and it breathes, which is not always the case. She would have gained a little more stability and a little more room in the toe box, but these are just details that do not spoil the whole.

adidas Performance Men’s Powerlift.2 Trainer Shoe

adidas Performance Men's Powerlift.2 Trainer Shoe
adidas Performance Men’s Powerlift.2 Trainer Shoe

With the Adidas Powerlift 2.0, stability is once again in the spotlight. Indeed, to meet the needs of weightlifters, the brand has created a shoe that combines strength, support, support and breathability. 

The synthetic leather upper and high-density wedge midsole are lightweight, while the strap on the kick provides perfect support. The breathable mesh lining allows the shoe to breathe while the foot feels comfortable thanks to the wider shape adopted by the shoe. All this while remaining in contact with the ground thanks to a flat outsole which allows to deliver the best performances.

Our opinion: 

With the Powerlift 2.0, Adidas proves once again that it knows how to create good shoes for the practice of weightlifting. This model has all the necessary characteristics to be comfortable in its movements and to succeed them correctly. 

The wide base and flat sole allow you to be well anchored to the ground, and the insole plays its role perfectly to give the best possible stability, whether for simple squats, snatching or even deadlifts. However, we would have appreciated a wider box toe, to give more space to the toes. They are still a very good shoe, at a great price.

Reebok Men’s Crossfit Lifter Plus 2.0 Running Shoe

Reebok Men's Crossfit Lifter Plus 2.0 Running Shoe
Reebok Men’s Crossfit Lifter Plus 2.0 Running Shoe

The Reebok Lifter Plus 2.0 is a weightlifting shoe designed for the athlete to give the best of himself. For stability, a heel clip in the heel is present and does not weigh down the shoe. 

For support, two Velcro straps surround the foot and keep it in place at the ankle and at the front, and in the middle of the foot, the U-Form technology of the upper automatically takes the shape of the foot under the effect of the heat, for an insole adapted to its morphology. 

And finally, for comfort, the forefoot is made of full-grain leather, while an anti-friction lining keeps feet cool and dry.

Our advice: 

Although specifically designed for weightlifting, the Reebok Lifter Plus 2.0 is probably the most versatile dedicated shoe. Although of course it is inappropriate for racing exercises, it can adapt more easily than others to different WOD and the practice of CrossFit in its entirety. 

As for strength exercises, it allows a very good stability, which is essential, and we appreciate the shape memory technology that makes the shoe very comfortable to wear. What makes his versatility is however also his main fault: for some exercises, including strength, his drop would have gained a little more important.

What is CrossFit?

Hyper present on the web, the CrossFit is much about him. Many criticize without really having tested, others defend it but without succeeding to present real arguments. This outburst of passion is however good for this sport that attracts more and more followers. But CrossFit, what exactly is it, and above all, who is it for? That’s enough to answer all the questions, and above all, to finally get a real opinion!

Where is that from ?

Developed in the United States, the CrossFit is not a sport recently appeared: it was indeed the favorite training method of Greg Glassman in the 70s, at the time when he was a gymnast. However, it was not until the end of the 90s and the beginning of the 2000s that this sport gained momentum across the Atlantic, before landing at home in 2011.

The name chosen, CrossFit (Cross Fitness), simply refers to the main feature of the sport, which is a mix between different physical and sporting activities already existing. It is therefore both a program of physical preparation, but also a muscular training.

What is it about ?

The practice of CrossFit is to combine exercises from other disciplines (gymnastics, athletics, weightlifting, cardio and fitness) to create a complete sport. Through diversified exercises of varying intensity and duration, CrossFit aims to improve all your physical abilities to develop versatility in all areas (when most other sports focus only on one area in particular).

By favoring the sequence of natural movements (pushing, lifting, throwing and shooting, in particular), CrossFit allows to work:

  • Endurance and breathing
  • Muscle development
  • Speed ​​and strength
  • Flexibility and balance
  • Agility and coordination

Each session is composed of one or more exercises that CrossFitters call WOD (or Workout Of the Day, or training of the day), and is done in groups: it allows both to advise, help each other and improve.

Who is it for?

CrossFit is a sport for everyone, regardless of age, gender, or physical condition. Better still, it adapts itself to all, since it works on the principle of relative intensity: each participant executes movements according to his level (the weights to lift can be lightened, the pumps can be made on the knees, etc.).

However, it must be understood that CrossFit is not suitable for all athletes. What makes its strength, that is, its diversity, is also its weakness. It is a sport that will never excel in a particular area, nor does it allow to gain muscle mass in specific places: it strengthens all skills and acts on the muscles in their entirety .

CrossFit is made for people who want to find a body more toned, more muscular and healthier. Progress is fast enough, but also quickly visible. In addition, by offering each session different exercises, it is constantly renewed and allows not to enter a routine demotivating!

How to choose your CrossFit shoes?

Everything is a matter of compromise: between cardio and strength exercises, the foot needs both a light and supple shoe, but also a stable and solid shoe. To navigate between the different models, the thickness of the drop, the composition of the sole, and different technologies of foot maintenance, here are some explanations to succeed in choosing your shoes CrossFit.

The different models

CrossFit shoes are generally classified according to 3 models: hybrid shoes, minimalist shoes and shoes for weightlifting. The CrossFit is a multidisciplinary sport, made of training that can be very different from each other, these different models are used to better stick to different WOD, providing the athlete with what he needs to succeed his exercises, that it is the comfort, the flexibility or even the maintenance.

If hybrid shoes, as their name suggests, are those that adapt to all exercises, without distinction, and are therefore the shoes to choose by default, however there are also minimalist shoes and those for the weightlifting, which is aimed on the contrary at athletes seeking a more precise use.

Hybrid shoes

Flexible and comfortable, without being too heavy, hybrid shoes are perfect for metabolic conditioning (skipping rope, rowing machine, bike, etc.) as for gymnastics exercises (push-ups, pull-ups, etc.). While some have quality cushioning, however, this is not a major criterion for brands as the racing exercises last quite a short time. Because they are hybrids, they also know how to provide foot support and good stability for weightlifting movements.

Minimalist shoes

Generally, minimalist shoes are presented with hybrid shoes. Although they have almost the same characteristics (except for the management of cushioning, often nonexistent), they are however lighter: the minimalism of these shoes is in terms of their weight and the fineness of the sole. They seek above all to give the feeling of being barefoot with a drop almost non-existent, to feel even more free of these movements.

The shoes for weightlifting

Weightlifting shoes are the opposite of the other two: only for weightlifting exercises, they are heavier, stiffer shoes that provide both stability and support. They make it easier to keep feet anchored to the ground, whether for weight lifting movements (clean & jerk, snatch, etc.), powerlifting (squat, deadlift, etc.) and derivatives (kettlebell swing, etc.). ). They are thus made for the crossfiteurs privileging these exercises.

The drop

The drop on the CrossFit shoe is the difference in height between the heel and the front of the foot. It is important to take into account since it helps during the execution of movements. Indeed, not all people have the same flexibility in the ankles, and this drop, which puts more or less height in the heel, can remain stable and keep a good back position in many movements.

best crossfit shoes for flat feet

Depending on the brands and models of shoes, this drop can be more or less important, generally ranging from 0mm to 30mm:

  • A drop of 0mm

Shoes without drop are usually minimalist shoes. While the absence of a drop is quite significant for most gymnastics movements, the lack of cushioning in the heel makes them less comfortable for all running exercises. It’s also the kind of shoe that flat-footed athletes can appreciate since they fit perfectly with their morphology.

  • A drop between 3mm and 9mm

This is called the transition drop, the one adopted by most Crossfit shoes (the ideal drop for a hybrid shoe is about 6mm). Shoes with a drop between 3mm and 9mm are generally designed for athletes wanting to transition between classic running shoes and minimalist shoes. They reduce the presence of cushioning, better feel the ground, to gradually strengthen the stabilizing muscles that are not solicited with the shoes to drop more important.

  • A drop of 11mm or 12mm

This is the classic drop of running shoes. This drop ensures good cushioning at the heel, usually with a cushioning gel, and therefore adapt to the exercise of racing. For the practice of CrossFit, however, this drop is quite penalizing since cushioning absorbs some of the energy deployed in the movements, and tends to lose balance during weightlifting exercises.

  • A drop between 20mm and 30mm

Such a large drop is typical of weightlifting shoes. For athletes who do not have good flexibility of the ankle, this drop can compensate by avoiding both imbalances and bad curvatures in the back. The force is then better used and better restored.

The sole

To choose the right CrossFit shoes, you should also look at their sole. Again, whether in thickness or flexibility, this sole should match the type of exercises that will be most often performed. Since the CrossFit is based primarily on dynamic movements whose strength comes from the return of energy, the sole must be adapted and not be comparable to a gym mat in which the foot sinks.

best crossfit shoes for flat feet
  • The thickness of the sole

It is in this area that the minimalist shoes take over, since barefoot sensation and being in direct contact with the ground makes it possible to lose no energy. The cushioning of the sole, non-existent, does not absorb the dynamism put into the execution of the movement. The same goes for weightlifting shoes: although this time the sole is very thick, it is nevertheless completely rigid. They therefore allow to keep a good stability and not to create the least imbalance, whether in squats or even deadlifts.

  • The flexibility of the sole

Whether for gymnastics or metabolic exercises, the sole of CrossFit shoes must be as flexible as possible. The foot is indeed often bent at the toe joints, and the shoe must be able to follow these movements. In addition, when the sole is perfectly flexible, there is no loss of dynamism in the ankle. This flexibility is especially found on hybrid and minimalist shoes, while weightlifting shoes tend to be stiffer, again for better support.

The toe box

The toe box, literally the toe box, is the front part of the shoe, the one that surrounds the toes. If this toe box is one of the criteria to choose your CrossFit shoes, it is because as for the practice of any sport, the toes must have room and not be cramped. However, not all brands offer models adapted to different foot morphologies.

CrossFit shoes with a flared toe box are therefore the most comfortable shoes to wear, especially when it comes to minimalist shoes. Without cushioning on the heel, the front of the foot needs space on the sides, so that the toes can deviate from each other to return the best possible impulse.

This feature may not be necessary on weight training shoes, but is welcome on hybrid shoes. Even if the drop (and sometimes the presence of a damping gel) can attack the ground with the heel and not with the toes, do not compress it is a good thing. Note however that the main thing is to be comfortable in your shoes: if originally, the foot is not wide, normal shoes without toe box flared, can quite agree.

Other features

Finally, to choose your Best Cross Training Shoes for Flat Feet, you must note all the other small features that are taken into account in the general use, whether it is the weight so they are not annoying, the maintenance to be always stable, or even the strength and strength of the shoe itself since it will be subjected to shock treatment.

  • The weight
CrossFit shoes weight

With minimalist shoes that can go under the 200g mark and weightlifting shoes that can go above 500g, the weight range is wide when it comes to CrossFit shoes. Again, we must choose the ones that best fit what we want to do: the lighter are ideal for gymnastics movements (they do not slow down movements), while the heaviest are perfect for weightlifting and powerlifting.

  • The upkeep
CrossFit shoes

The practice of CrossFit is done on the sequence of movements, which take most of the support on the foot, it must be well maintained in the shoe. One could think that this maintenance should especially be done at the level of the heel or even the ankle, when in fact it is rather at the level of the middle of the foot, to ensure good stability. This is why some brands have developed models equipped with lateral reinforcements, which allow the feet to keep a good position.

  • Solidity
Solidity CrossFit shoes

With WODs that can ask to jump, lower, run and climb rope, CrossFit shoes must be strong. To prevent them from cracking too quickly, or they suffer damage after only a few training sessions (with the sole that comes off, for example), we must check the material in which they are made, and if they have protections on the sides. We can still note that brands on the market generally offer rather resistant shoes.

Leave a Comment If You Have Any Question About Best Cross Training Shoes for Flat Feet & Best Crossfit Shoes for Flat Feet.

best beginner climbing shoes

Best Beginner Climbing Shoes – No. 6 is (Absolutely Stunning)

After several hours of research. I made my selection of the 7 best beginner climbing shoes among more than 25 models currently available on the market.

I personally have a crush on the scarpa helix. However, do not be surprised, I have not pinned them as the best beginner climbing shoes in their range. Because what I like (their design and the fineness of their sole) is precisely what usually repels other climbers.

You will also find at the end of this article a buying guide to help you find the pair of shoes perfectly adapted to your desires … and your feet!

Why Trust Our Selection?

The editors of toptenboots spend hundreds of hours researching, analyzing and comparing products to recommend the best value for money. Our choices are unbiased, and we never accept to put one brand over another.

Best Beginner Climbing Shoes: Low Budget

These Climbing Shoes may be listed as entry-level Climbing Shoes, they are not so far of lower quality. Just be aware that they are more for beginner climbers.

la sportiva tarantula review

best beginner climbing shoes
la sportiva tarantula review

What we like:

  • Excellent value
  • Comfort
  • Suitable for beginners
  • Several finishes
  • Unlined leather

What we don’t like:

  • Their weights
  • Less suitable for intermediate climbers

Professional Recommendation:

The model La Sportiva Tarantula is, in my opinion, the perfect model for beginners! Indeed, while remaining in an affordable price range, it is extremely comfortable and adaptable, since it constitutes a kind of compromise between the flat and the intermediate shoe, with its rather thick sole, but flexible and slightly curved.

Its comfort results from several factors.

Above all, it has a leather and synthetic coating, which allows the foot to benefit from the pleasant side of the first without risking a too fast deformation of the shoe thanks to the second.

The leather, moreover, is not doubled, which increases the breathability: the foot will not slip, and the beginner climber will not be immediately rejected by possible blisters or – worse! – mushrooms or foot smells that would settle after only a few sessions.

Its asymmetrical arrangement offers more flexibility to the toes, which are a little freer in the tip, despite the narrow model (even for a climbing shoe!). This allows the user not to be locked in a shoe without flexibility, despite the thickness of the sole (5 mm).

The configuration of the sole, moreover, as well as the adherent heel, make this model as well suited to indoor and outdoor practice. The sole is indeed very resistant to abrasion while the heel makes it easier to stand on the micro-edges.

The flat Climbing Shoe, it turns out quite suitable for climbing a vertical wall filled with cracks. On the other hand, for the practice of the block, La Sportiva Tarantula quickly reveals its limits (but there is nothing astonishing here since, as I said, these Climbing Shoes are perfect for beginners and that the block is generally practiced by more seasoned climbers).

The nice side of the shoe is its wide range of finishes: several colors are available, and you can choose a lace closure or Velcro (I personally advise the lace closure, which allows to better adapt the boot on the entire foot). Its negative point: its weight. 903 grams! As much to say that you will make your muscles just by going up and down your feet along the wall!

scarpa helix climbing shoes review

scarpa helix climbing shoes review
scarpa helix climbing shoes review

What we like:

  • Comfort
  • Their weight

What we don’t like:

  • Less specifically adapted to beginners

Professional Recommendation:

Although suitable primarily for beginners, the Scarpa Helix model is also something to attract fans of climbing on the longer term, and this always despite a lower investment.

Indeed, with it is 3.5 mm sole, it allows you to really feel the different surfaces under the foot while maintaining a thickness that prevents you from feeling too much pain.

Its heel has a technologically advanced cut, which means that the support and stability of the foot are not threatened.

The gum is also reinforced at the toes and heel, which greatly improves the grip of the shoe. What reassures the beginner climber who would hesitate to climb a micro-niche (well … provided you do not suffer from vertigo, of course!)

This Climbing Shoe is thus more suited to the practice of the block than the previous model.

The leather covering brings both advantages and disadvantages. The comfort is undeniable, making this slipper an excellent choice for anyone planning to spend a lot of time in the climbing gym. On the other hand, it will inevitably undergo a stretch over time.

But this is where the practical side of lacing to the toes comes in since one can easily opt for a model a little too small at the base, which can be loosened at first for a better comfort.

In terms of design, the Scarpa Helix has the distinction of being declined in a blue man model and a mandarin woman model(No it’s not cliché, I’m sure that Madame would prefer pretty slippers to the feminine touch!)

Finally, last but not least, from the top of these 215 grams, it has a weight much lower than the previous model. If you go from one model to another, you could almost feel like flying!

Best Beginner Climbing Shoes: Mid-Range

These Climbing Shoes have some additional features that make them generally usable over a longer term or at least more suitable for the practice of some climbing surfaces (but suddenly, they are also often less recommended for beginner climbers).

five ten hiangle review

five ten hiangle review
five ten hiangle review

What we like:

  • Comfort
  • Unlined leather
  • Quality gum

What we don’t like:

  • Their narrowness

Professional Recommendation:

If I chose the Five Ten Hiangle as the best mid-range product, it’s because it has the particularity to be a perfect combination between the extended daily use Climbing Shoe and the aggressive type Climbing Shoe suitable for any terrain steep slope.

While remaining in a moderate investment, so we can already acquire a Climbing Shoe adapted to a variety of situations.

Many testimonials tend to say that this is the most comfortable aggressive slipper on the market. This is again an unlined leather model, offering all the breathability necessary for climbing high flying (it’s still the class to get to the top of the slope without a drop of sweat … less to the feet!)

The closing system itself – in velcro AND elastic – contributes to this comfort since it keeps the foot safe, even in some extreme slopes.

Small flat: apparently, you should not have a foot too broad base, even if the leather will, in the long run, relax to fit perfectly to the shape of the foot. Leather Climbing Shoes are generally recommended to be one size smaller than what is worn in street shoes, but in this case, it could be frankly uncomfortable in the early days.

Its sole of 4 mm (which is still quite thick for an aggressive boot!) Offers more rubber than is usual to meet on this type of model. But that’s what makes the Five Ten Hiangle so suitable for external use.
You will not miss a rock because your foot accidentally slipped! This rubber is also of very good quality, which guarantees a durability of the Climbing Shoe unequaled.

If it does not have a huge choice of colors, it still has a stylish design, which does not spoil anything. At 340 grams, this shoe has, I’m sure, enough to seduce any climber somewhat experienced.

la sportiva mythos review

la sportiva mythos review
la sportiva mythos review

What we like:

  • Suitable for any terrain
  • Quality gum
  • The most sold in the world

What we don’t like:

  • More expensive than other booties for beginners

Professional Recommendation:

It was impossible to make a comparison of the best beginner climbing shoes without addressing the famous La Sportiva Mythos. Although its price is slightly higher than the other models generally dedicated to beginner climbers, it is, in fact, the best-selling model in the world!

According to the brand, the Mythos Climbing Shoe “does it all and is suitable for everyone”. It is true that this Climbing Shoe, which combines technology, comfort, and performance, is really something to seduce.

It is a flat Climbing Shoe (therefore perfectly recommended for beginners who practice climbing walls with cracks), which has a sole of 4.2 mm, with a high-quality rubber, which allows a use all-terrain, without it ever seems to be deteriorating.

This rigidity of the sole, coupled with the lacing system, offers an excellent compromise between sensitivity and adhesion. Perfect to reassure young climbers, without depriving them of a discovery of the feeling of the wall under the feet.

Again, it’s a Best Beginner Climbing Shoes that the brand decided to decline into a man model (in brown tones) and a woman model (in shades of gray). The coating is leather (so pay attention to the stretch over time!) And its weight is on the average: 450 grams

Ideal for beginners who are looking for a Best Beginner Climbing Shoes that can take them on any type of terrain, it is not designed, in my opinion, for long climbs overhanging sports, where the heels and toes must be mobilized precisely on micro-niches, which requires a greater flexibility of the shoe.

For those who would like it, I inform you that on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of this slipper icon market. The brand has decided to release an “Eco” version, made of 95% recycled materials (for example, the sole is obtained by recycling the rubber used in the shoe production process at the La Sportiva factory, and the laces and straps are made from recycled fishing nets). An eco-friendly gesture that can only be emphasized.

scarpa instinct vs review

scarpa instinct vs review
scarpa instinct vs review

What we like:

  • Optimal grip to the toes
  • Reinforced heel
  • Helps to a rapid progression

What we don’t like:

  • Long and painful lapping

Professional Recommendation:

Although it has a fairly aggressive form, the Scarpa Instinct Lace is to be put in the category of intermediate Climbing Shoes and used early in the course of the climber.

Warning! These are not Climbing Shoes to use to learn climbing, but their specific design is that they will still be quickly used by climbers (almost) beginners. Once they have trained a few months and they will have a desire to give a boost to their progress.

Their sole with a thickness of 4 mm has a fairly rigid rubber, which has the advantage of allowing a good grip on any type of surface. This is particularly noticeable on the toes, which are more cramped than on other models, which guarantees optimal grip.

However, this rigidity itself, coupled with a coating of the synthetic shoe, makes this model long enough to be the foot (you may suffer during your first climbs!).

On the other hand, we stay in a medium weight range, with a slipper of 440 grams. Which does not constitute a hindrance to your acrobatics. Especially if you are a follower of the block, for which the Scarpa Instinct Lace is highly recommended.

What makes the most of the Scarpa Instinct Lace is the shape of its heel, narrow and reinforced. This guarantees high precision (never negligible in climbing), not to mention that it extends the life of the shoe.

Although the basic model, as its name suggests, laces, there is a variant with Velcro closure. However, I advise the lace closure for a better hold of the foot (and more ease of adjustment to it during break-in)

In terms of design, there is no choice here: this model exists only in black and orange, which does not prevent me from finding it very elegant, as well for a man as for a woman.

Best Beginner Climbing Shoes: High End

These Climbing Shoes feature advanced manufacturing technology, which is sometimes reflected in their price. But we will not lie, if you want to practice intensively climbing, it is necessary to invest in a long-term (very) good Climbing Shoe.

la sportiva genius review

la sportiva genius review
la sportiva genius review

What we like:

  • Universality
  • No-Edge Technology
  • Unlined leather

What we don’t like

  • Their price

Professional Recommendation

But what makes this model THE absolute reference in climbing shoes? Without a doubt, it’s a universal side.

Indeed, this Climbing Shoe is supposed to be able to adapt to all, whatever its kind, its age, its weight, or the anatomy of its foot, and whatever surface it wishes to practice.

How is it possible?

First thanks to the innovative No-Edge technology: thanks to a rubber that is both soft and sticky, the contact surface is enlarged compared to other shoes. Your foot will not look for an edge or an irregularity to cling to but really grip on the entire support surface.

So you reach an unmatched level of adhesion while maintaining a very good sensitivity, with a sole thickness of only 3 mm.

The intersample itself has been worked in such a way that the weight of the climber is supported. Even if the shoe is not excessively tight. No more locking up your foot in a slipper too small: thanks to this technology. La Sportiva Genius adapts to any type of foot (yes, even your big flat feet can feel at ease!).

The lace closure, this completes this adaptability, since it allows to adjust the shoe around the foot accurately and comfortably.

To avoid spoiling the comfort of the Climbing Shoe, their surface is made of leather and synthetic. Which guarantees that it will not deform almost over time. So you can take a slipper directly to your usual size.

The leather itself is not doubled, which increases the breathability of the shoe.

Finally, as a Belgian, I can only appreciate their black-yellow-red design!

You will understand, from the height of their 440 grams. These shoes will satisfy all feet … and all types of climbing. Although they are particularly recommended for use on vertical walls. They also allow an intensive practice of the block, thanks to their adhesion system.

five ten anasazi lv review

five ten anasazi lv review
five ten anasazi lv review

What we like:

  • Comfort
  • versatility
  • Excellent feeling of the wall
  • Particularly suitable for technical climbing

What we don’t like

  • Very thin sole

Professional Recommendation

Yes, I know, I’m going to be accused of introducing these slippers in the ranking for the simple reason of their design. (pink! – in case their name is not explicit enough). But I assure you, making Five Ten Anasazi Pink a must-have climbing shoe is their incredible versatility.

It’s at the heel that everything is played here. It is shaped in such a way that, thanks to its roundness, your heel is easily lodged there.

So, if you choose your slipper size correctly. The toes will naturally fit in the tip (you almost feel like you’re putting on a glove … on the toes), and your foot is properly maintained throughout. the ascent.

In addition, with the Five Ten Anasazi Pink, the risk of deformation is minimal. On the one hand, its coating is the synthetic material. On the other hand, the rubber goes back above the liner, which reduces the risks.

As much to say that the comfort of your feet is guaranteed for a long time.

By cons, what makes the performance of the Climbing Shoe is both what could put you off: the sole. This one is very thin, only 2 mm! It’s great to feel the wall hanging under your foot, but it can be painful when you’re not used to it.

This sensitivity, combined with the reinforcement spread over the entire sole. Makes it a Climbing Shoe particularly suitable for technical climbing (taking precision will no longer have any secrets for your feet!).

There are earlier versions of this boot, including velcro closures, but, again. I recommend the laces version, which allows to really adapt the boot to the shape of your foot.

With their beautiful pink dress and 450 grams. The Five Ten Pink Anasazi have something to seduce everyone (do not worry, gentlemen, the pink does not detract from your manhood!)

How to choose your climbing shoes?

The weight

We do not always realize the impact that the weight of our shoes can have on our movements. It goes without saying that this is all the truer in a sport like climbing. Where each movement requires lightness and precision.

But beware! It is not a question of taking the lightest slipper possible (you have already tried to climb a rock with the help of a simple cotton sock – light, but not very effective …).

It is necessary to find the right balance between lightness and protection. Between precision and help with climbing (it is necessary to offer a maximum of power to the foot without enclosing it in heaviness so that the climber preserves its energy on each movement).


Climbing, it feels. In the hands, in the arms, in the abs, in the thighs and … in the feet!

The climber’s bootie should be flexible enough to allow him to feel and “pack” the jack. But this flexibility should not be at the expense of proper support.


If you practice climbing, you must spare your feet. They are your tools of work as well as your hands.

This should be reflected in the surface of the Climbing Shoe (leather, synthetic, …). As in the sole (do you prefer a thickness that ensures maximum shock absorption or on the contrary a finesse that allows better feel the catch?).

The tip and heel of your bootie should particularly hold your attention. A high-end eraser strategically placed in these two places allows you to grip easily and not slip.


When you start climbing, you can not stop hearing comments like “a climbing shoe, it must tighten”. Yes and no!

Believe me, if you take a Climbing Shoe too tight, you will not get to the top of the slope easily. It’s impossible to focus on your movements when our Climbing Shoe cut off traffic!

How to guarantee optimal comfort for its Climbing Shoe?


Above all, your bootie must have the right size. That is to say?

It will be different for each of us (a slipper will not fit the same way on my big flat foot or on the very end of my friend dancer star). But, generally, it is necessary to count that the big toe must reach the end of the Climbing Shoe. (Otherwise, it is too big) and that the rest of the toes must not be crushed against the tip (otherwise it is too small).

It is also necessary to take into account the material of lining. The leather will relax with the use, contrary to synthetic

The material

Preferably, your Climbing Shoe should be made of a comfortable material. (I myself have a preference for leather, softer and more adjustable)

He must also breathe. Impossible to climb well with a foot that slips into the slipper! Not to mention the inconvenience of catching mushrooms or seeing his shoes stink after a few uses.

The sole

Your Climbing Shoe must also have a sole with good damping, whatever its thickness.

The type of closure

Finally, it must have a closure system adapted to your type of climbing. It’s annoying when you climb in the room and remove. His shoes between each track, having to fade laces at each shot.

And on the other hand, it is not advisable to have a simple Velcro when rock climbing. It would be a shame to see his boot open in the middle of a steep slope!

Best Beginner Climbing Shoes: Man or Woman?

Mixed Climbing Shoes, men’s Climbing Shoes, women’s Climbing Shoes … Is there a real difference?

The answer is yes and no.

Yes because the Climbing Shoes labeled “for women” often have a volume lower than those labeled “men”, with a thinner design. They are usually also available in smaller sizes.

But that does not mean that you must wear a Climbing Shoe according to your gender. Indeed, if you find that your Climbing Shoes are not well adjusted, and often filled with air in the heel. It is quite possible that the Climbing Shoes for women suit you better, even if you are a man. A true (on the contrary, for my part, I am often more comfortable in mixed Climbing Shoes or for men).

The type of Climbing Shoes

There are three types, each adapted to a certain purpose.

The flat Climbing Shoes

It has a medium-to-stiff sole, usually quite thick and less sensory. Its strengths: it is perfectly suited to crack walls and often seduces beginners with its comfort.

The intermediate Climbing Shoes

It often has a more grippy sole than the flat shoe. Its shape, more curved, allows a more versatile climb.

It is generally less comfortable than the flat Climbing Shoe, but more than the aggressive Climbing Shoe.

The aggressive Climbing Shoes

It is recognized by its curved sole, thinner and more adherent. It is generally less comfortable and adapts less to walls with cracks than dishes.

On the other hand, it’s THE Climbing Shoe to have if you want to practice the block.

In conclusion

As you can see, best beginner climbing shoes depend on both your level and the type of terrain you practice. My advice if you are a beginner: take the most versatile Climbing Shoes possible. The one that will adapt to any type of terrain or surface.

Admittedly, it will not be optimal on any surface but will test everything.

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