TOP 5 Best Wooden Shoe Rack in (2020)

Like to organize your shoes but don’t have the right rack to keep them? Don’t worry, we have Pick and review Best Wooden shoe rack choose from. Each of them has different qualities based on your requirement. We have a variety based on storage, style, and quality. Select from shoe racks for a small family to large shoe a large one. Choose from shoe racks with seating or separate entryway benches. Just select it as per your requirements. Let’s dive in.

01. HOMFA 5-Tier Wooden Shoe Rack: 

Wooden Shoe Rack
5-Tier Wooden Shoe Shelf

HOMFA 5-Tier Wooden shoe rack Storage Organizer is a great choice for those who want their products to have more than one function. This Wooden shoe rack may be used not just for keeping shoes but for Books and Flowerpots too, that makes it a sensible and ornamental product.


  • Additional Hangers for extra shoes.
  • Multipurpose Shelf.
  • Eminent Design.
  • Sturdy Design.
  • Easy to Assemble.


  • Small in Size.
  • Not Suitable for Adults.
  • Hangers are Compact.

02.Winsome Wood Foldable 4 Tier Shoe Rack:

Winsome Wood Foldable 4 Tier Shoe Rack
Winsome Wood Foldable 4 Tier Shoe Rack

With the benefit of being Foldable, this Wooden shoe rack consists of Slatted shelves and open sides that offer light and airy look. This classic looking design has four slated shelves with 5.5″ shelf clearance. A product to buy for portability.


  • Can store up to 19 shoes with ease.
  • Solid wood crafting, giving it a rigid and classy look.
  • Foldable
  • Wide in Size.
  • Has an open airy design.


  • Requires assembling.
  • Need a bit hardware knowledge.
  • Simple Looking.

03. INNOKA 2 Tier Expandable Shoe Rack:

INNOKA 2 Tier Expandable Shoe Rack
INNOKA 2 Tier Expandable Shoe Rack

With a space of keeping from 4 to 12 pair of shoes, this product of INNOKA is perfect for places that have low space. This highly durable product from INNOKA is made of high-quality wood and aluminum and has an elegant design. This wooden shoe rack is much more simple than any other designs out there.



  • Compact in Size.
  • Elegant design.
  • Expandable
  • Superior Design Quality.
  • Easy to Assemble.


  • A bit less sturdy.
  • Suitable for normal size boots.
  • Less space between two pairs.

04. 4 Tier Shoe Rack 12 Pairs Wooden Shoe Shelf Stand Organizer with Non-Woven Fabric, Brown:

Housen Solution 4 Tier Shoe Rack
Housen Solution 4 Tier Shoe Rack

This 4 Tier Wooden shoe rack can store up to 12 pairs of shoes. Being made from Sturdy and Solid pine wood and metal pipe, the parts of this Wooden shoe rack are connected with plastic screws increasing their durability. Suitable for both adults as well as the kids, making it a family product. With non-quality products missing multiple core parts, each product package is checked twice for parts, before sending out to the customers.


  • Can be easily assembled.
  • Ensured of no missing parts is done twice.
  • Family Usage shoe rack.
  • Durability and Sturdy Construction.
  • Good Amount of space.


  • Quite thin.
  • Not a classic design.
  • Storage is made of cloth.

05. Whitmor Wood & Chrome Shoe Rack Expandable & Stacking Natural Wood and Chrome:

Whitmor Wood and Chrome Shoe Rack
Whitmor Wood and Chrome Shoe Rack

Whitmor Wood and Chrome Shoe Rack is the perfect choice when it comes to choosing the most elegant design of all. The construction of this Wooden shoe rack is a bit easier than any other Wooden shoe rack out there because no tools are required. The whole of the Wooden shoe rack is made up of the Natural wood frame with 3 chromed metal expandable support bars that can hold up to 21 pairs of shoes.


  • Expandable Support Bars
  • Can Store up to 21 Pairs of shoes.
  • Ideal for any room.
  • Chromed Metal.
  • Service Guarantee.


  • The structure looks simple.
  • Not Suitable for Kids
  • Light Weight Materials.



This list is not exclusive but giving you the best choices of different type of wooden shoe rack for all the men and women along with all the pros and cons. I hope you can get what you need from here and I would love to have your feedback.