Best Electric Shoe Polishers in 2019 – No. 1 is (Absolutely Stunning)

After several dozen hours of tests, comparisons, and analysis of consumer opinions on more than a dozen electric shoe polishers. Our recommendation for the best electric shoe polisher is the Sunpentown UC-989 electric shoe polisher with shoe polisher.

Do you know how much time it takes to polish your shoes? Research says that on an average it takes 12 minutes to properly polish your shoes. Not only this polishing your shoes is a tedious process where you need to first remove dirt from your shoes, then apply polish and then apply cream to make your shoes shine.

This disgusting process also leaves you with dirty hands and clothes. Removing the color of polish form your hands and clothes is again a herculean task. So why take all this trouble if a machine can do this work diligently in less time. If you are in a hurry these electric shoe polishers come handy and polish your shoes in few minutes.

Quick Answer: Best Electric Shoe Polisher

  • ZRB Electric Shoe Polisher
  • Automatic Induction Dust Removal (ZRB)
  • Shoes Cleaning Brush Kit (ZRB)
  • Portable Electric Shoe Polisher (ZRB)
  • AITOCO Automatic Shoe Polisher
  • Chargeable Shoe Polisher (ZRB)
  • Sunpentown Electric Dual-Buffer Stand-Up Shoe Polisher
  • Fine Dragon Handheld Electric Shoe Polisher
  • EVERTOP Electric Shoe Polisher Machine
  • Dpowro Shoe Cleaning Brush Kit
  • Presto Shine On Electric Shoe Polisher

01. ZRB Electric Shoe Polisher

ZRB Electric Shoe Polisher
ZRB Electric Shoe Polisher

The electric shoe polisher ZRB has an excellent quality / price ratio. Its effectiveness will clean and polish the shoes of the whole family for a long time!

This electric shoe polisher will allow you to clean and polish your shoes effortlessly and without smudging!

This electric shoe polisher has, like most models tested for this comparative electric shoe polisher, a very simple operation.

You first clean your shoe with the central brush with hard bristles. The powerful motor of this electric shoe polisher will help you to clean your leather shoe effortlessly.

You then apply a dose of polish on your shoe thanks to the automatic shoe polisher included with the electric shoe polisher. Just push up with your shoe and the dose is automatically distributed.

Finally, depending on the color of the leather of your shoe (black or light), you pass your shoe under the brushes of the electric shoe polisher to wax and make your shoe shine!

Summary of the features of this electric shoe polisher:

  • Power: 120 W
  • Voltage: 230 V – 50 Hz
  • On / Off switch
  • Liquid wax jug
  • 2 polishing brushes
  • 1 cleaning brush
  • Rubber footrest

2. ZRB Electric Shoe Polisher Automatic Induction Dust Removal

ZRB Electric Shoe Polisher Automatic Induction Dust Removal
ZRB Electric Shoe Polisher Automatic Induction Dust Removal

ZRB’s shoe polisher machine has been designed to provide everyday comfort and maintain your shoes over time.

This shoe polisher machine features a stiff bristle brush to remove dirt and dust and two polishing brushes for light shoes and dark shoes.

This device allows to treat all kinds of shoes (sneakers, dress shoes, sports shoes, etc.) at all levels of cleanliness.

The wax dispenser, refillable, helps to treat your shoes and brings them an irreproachable shine.

Several points to note on this electric shoe polisher:

  • A wider bristle brush to remove all dirt: our tests have shown greater efficiency of this brush, allowing to clean our shoes much faster
  • Larger polishing brushes, to cover more shoe area and polish faster (handy when you’re in a hurry!)
  • A wax dispenser of greater capacity and easier to use
  • A more powerful motor for more efficiency and speed to wax and polish your shoes
  • A higher weight of the structure, thus limiting the noise and vibrations generated during use

Summary of the characteristics of this electric shoe polisher:

  • Rubber and removable dirt recovery carpet
  • The shoe polish dispenser can hold up to 225 ml
  • Safety in case of overload
  • Noble and robust lacquering
  • Protection class I, protectionIPX0
  • Power supply: 230 V, 50 Hz
  • 40 x 25 x 22cm (Width x Height xDepth)
  • Cable length, approximately 1.5 m
  • Weight: kg

However, there are people or families who will have even greater needs to clean, wax and polish their shoes and who will not find happiness in the first two machines recommended. We recommend in this case a professional design machine that will be the new friend of your shoes.

3. ZRB Electric Shoe Polisher Shoes Cleaning Brush Kit Shoes Nursing Maintenance

Automatic  Shoe Polisher
Automatic  Shoe Polisher

The high-end ZRB electric shoe polisher

The ZRB is a high-end shoe polishing machine that stands out for its power, efficiency and quietness of use.

Larger than the other two machines in this guide, the ZRBis also the only machine that comes with a cream refill for your shoes.

Its 1.5mm carcass prevents any vibration of the engine, and has an impeccable manufacturing quality.

In addition, its heavy and wide base (the machine weighs 10kg!) Makes it the most stable and most enjoyable electric shoe polisher of this comparison.

We have been tested for several weeks in a family of 5 (2 adults + 3 children), and it is without a doubt the perfect electric shoe polisher when you need to be able to clean, polish and polish your skin daily. shoes.

It is also the only electric shoe polisher to offer you mini-brushes on the sole so you can also clean them, to have a perfect shoe!

It’s simple, with the ZRB you’re sure to own a professional-quality electric shoe polisher that will look after the shoes of the whole family for many years to come.

Summary of the features of this electric shoe polisher:

  • Brushes: Ø 14 cm xl 8 cm
  • 1 polishing and polishing brush for light shoes (cotton)
  • 1 shoe polishing and polishing brush for dark shoes (cotton)
  • 1 cleaning brush (nylon)
  • Measures: L 50 cm x W 29 cm x H 26 cm
  • Weight: 10 kg net
  • Cream dispenser: 75 ml
  • Voltage: 220 – 230 V
  • Power: 50 watts

4. ZRB Electric Shoe Polisher Dust Removal Treatment Shoes Cleaning Brush Kit

Dust Removal Treatment Shoes Cleaning Brush Kit
Dust Removal Treatment Shoes Cleaning Brush Kit 

Cheap , effective, and reliable ZRB

The ZRB electric shoe polisher has everything you need to clean and polish your shoes for a smaller footprint and lower price.

The ZRB electric shoe polisher is a machine to clean and wax shoes without getting your hands dirty, which can easily be transported thanks to its carrying handle and its reasonable weight of 700g.

Its operation is fully automatic: just place the shoe under the brush and it starts automatically. When your shoes are out of the range of the sensor, the brush will also stop automatically.

The polisher has 4 brushes:

  • A hard bristle brush to remove dirt and dust
  • A polishing brush for light / brown shoes.
  • A polishing brush for dark / black shoes

A shoe polisher with a capacity of 200 ml can also wax your shoes and bring them an irreproachable shine. The dispenser is equipped with a foot control to prevent contact with the hands.

What are his faults? Of course at this price the ZRB does not have the power and efficiency of shoe polishing machines that can be found in hotels, but that does not seem to bother users at all if one refers to their testimonials and comments.

Summary of the characteristics of this electric shoe polisher:

  • Power supply: 220 – 240 V / 50 Hz
  • Power: 150 W
  • Brush speed: 1400 rpm
  • Dimensions: 370 x 200 x 300 mm (L x W x H)

5. AITOCO Automatic Shoe Polisher, Electric Shoes Polish Brush

AITOCO Automatic Shoe Polisher,Electric Shoes Polish Brush

Good value
AITOCO Automatic Shoe Polisher

The AITOCO Automatic Shoe Polisher, electric shoe polisher will allow you to clean and polish your leather shoes and boots quickly thanks to its semi-professional 

This shoe polisher does not have on paper anything much different compared to its competitors.

Indeed, all the basic equipment is present, with:

  • 6 rotating brushes
  • Built-in wax dispenser 250 ml 
  • Specific brushes for light shoes and dark shoes
  • Foot switch 
  • Removable carpet for easy maintenance 

You will find the necessary first to clean your shoes with the hard brush.

Then you can wax your leather shoes with one of the 6 soft brushes at your disposal. Remember before using apply the cream of wax thanks to the integrated 250ml dispenser.

Be careful not to press too hard on this dispenser to run the cream of waxing under penalty of lifting the machine.

Then, depending on the color of your leather shoe, you can operate the soft brush of your choice and take care of the leather of your shoe. The engine is quite powerful and allows a rotation speed of 1200 rpm ample in most cases.

Nevertheless you can find the engine a little weak on you chained the care of several boots with a large leather surface to treat for example.

This AITOCO Automatic Shoe Polisher wiper does not have a real defect, and it will give you satisfaction most of the time if you do not look for a machine of professional quality.

6. ZRB Electric Shoe Polisher Chargeable Dust Removal 

ZRB Electric Shoe Polisher Chargeable Dust Removal 

Excellent value for money
ZRB Electric Shoe Polisher Chargeable Dust Removal Treatment

The ZRB Electric Shoe Polisher Chargeable Dust Removal Treatment Comfort Clean electric shoe polisher is a great investment to make for your shoes. It has excellent value for money who wants to buy a real shoe polisher.

The ZRVComfort Clean electric shoe polisher will allow you to clean and polish your leather shoes quickly and efficiently.

Its manufacturing quality is excellent, which will allow you to share your electric shoe polisher with the whole family. However, plan some spare cotton brushes (a first set of spare is provided) because they wear out quickly!

The operation of this electric shoe polisher is very simple:

  • You first put your shoes under the bristle brush to remove dirt and dust
  • You press with your shoe on the shoe polisher to get a dose of cream polish
  • You pass your shoe under the polishing brush for light / brown shoes or for dark / dark shoes to finalize the whole thing

Everything has been designed to avoid any contact between the electric shoe polisher and your hands: an external button allows you to activate or stop the machine, and the dose of waxing is obtained by pressing the shoe against the bottom of the dispenser.

Another point to note, the power of its engine makes it possible to have a speed of rotation of the brushes extremely effective. Unlike some less powerful models, so you can safely clean your leather shoes.

It should be noted that the ZRB Comfort Clean electric shoe polisher is relatively quiet, which is not the case for all shoe polishers that we have tested.

Summary of the features of this electric shoe polisher:

  • 120 watt direct drive motor
  • 2 cotton brushes for light and dark shoes
  • Cleaning brush for coarse dirt
  • Refillable Shoe Shoe Dispenser (Unwinding Ball)
  • Item Weight 500g
  • Product Dimensions (LxWxH) 40.2 x 24 x 27.5 cm
  • Removable rubber mat to recover dirt
  • Set of replacement brushes included including two cotton brushes, clear and dark

07. Sunpentown UC-989 Electric Dual-Buffer Stand-Up Shoe Polisher:

Electric Dual-Buffer Stand-Up Shoe Polisher
Electric Dual-Buffer Stand-Up Shoe Polisher

What we like

  • Detachable dual buffers
  • Buffers made of lamb’s wool which will smoothly remove dust from the shoes
  • Replaceable buffers
  • Suitable design as one does not have to bend and can stand and get their shoes polished
  • Easy to operate

What we don’t like

  • Cost of the product is high
  • Can only be used for polishing shoes
  • Need to attach one place so low portability

Professional recommendation:

If you regularly run out of time and want to polish shoes without bending then this product is a good choice as it polishes shoes quickly with minimal efforts.

08. Electric Shoe Polishers Portable Power Handheld Shoe Shine Kit with Rechargeable Battery for Leather Bag, Shoes, Sofa and More – Brown:

Shoe Polisher Machine
Shoe Polisher Machine

What we like

  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Can be used for polishing sofa, bed, the bag so has multipurpose use
  • Gives the option of three functional brushes
  • Comes with one year warranty
  • Portable design

What we don’t like

  • Less powerful as it is battery operated
  • Wobbly to handle
  • Comparatively, work is done slowly

Professional recommendation:

If apart from shoe polishing you need to polish other items like sofa or bag this product is suitable.

09. Cordless Power Scrubber with Rechargeable Battery Sponge Pad, Brush, Shine Kit for Leather Cleaning, Oiling and Polishing:

Electric Power Handheld Scrubber Cleaner
Electric Power Handheld Scrubber Cleaner

What we like

  • Rubber handle makes it smooth to handle
  • Multiple attachments make it multipurpose
  • The cordless design which makes it is easy to move from one place to other
  • Power adapter for quick recharging
  • The entire body is waterproof and completely sealed

What we don’t like

  • It is not preassembled need to assemble
  • Porcelain brush may damage the shoes
  • Consumes more time than other shoe polish machines

Professional recommendation:

If you are looking for a machine that can polish your shoes as well as scrub your walls and bathroom them this product is for you.

10. Electric Shoe Polisher, Dpowro Shoes Scrubber Portable Handheld Shoe Cleaning Brush Kit for Leather Shoes:

Dpowro Shoes Scrubber Portable Handheld
Dpowro Shoes Scrubber Portable Handheld

What we like

  • Comes with 4 brushes thus it is multifunctional
  • Comes with an exquisite box that makes it highly portable
  • Good return policy
  • Waterproof and easy to grip
  • Value for money

 What we don’t like

  • Motor is weak
  • Do not have rechargeable batteries
  • Available in limited countries only

Professional recommendation:

If you are looking for handy portable electric shoe polishers that is easy to grip at affordable cost then this is the right product for you.

11. Presto 08702 ShineOn Electric Shoe Polisher:

Presto 08702 ShineOn Electric Shoe Polisher
Presto 08702 ShineOn Electric Shoe Polisher

What we like

  • Comes with one year warranty
  • Comes with dual applicators one for black color and one for brown
  • The machine is very powerful to get the job done in less time
  • Spinning speed of the wheel is high

What we do not like

  • The brush bristles don’t stick out as far as the plastic head, which can scratch your shoes while spinning
  • The machine is not foldable and does not have any case
  • Price is high

Professional recommendation:

If you are looking for your machine that exclusively does one great job that is to polish your shoes diligently then this right machine for you.


Electric shoe polishers are ideal to save time and energy. As the work done by electric shoe polishers is better than work done using traditional methods. If you are looking for electric shoe polishers you can choose from the above range depending on your requirement and need. Electric shoe polishers not only saves time but also reduces stress especially when you are in hurry to move out.

A brief story about the shoe polisher

An astute man once stated, “One can say a considerable measure in regards to somebody’s shoes.OK, so this person was Forrest Gump, but it’s still true – your shoes tell more about your personality than you think. That’s why keeping your shoes in perfect condition has long been considered a mark of character.

Leather has almost always been one of the main fabrics of choice for our shoes, but it has a major disadvantage: it takes time to break it. That is why, during most of antiquity, a substance called dubbin was used to treat and condition leather. However, he did nothing for his overall appearance.

The first polish was made of tallow, a form of animal fat, and was simply called blackening. Chicago was a major producer of black matter, largely because the city’s stockpiles provided a steady supply of beef fat.

Almost all this early blackening was created strictly for the Army, as it was expected that soldiers would keep a flawless appearance when wearing their uniforms. The first commercial blackening, now called polishing, was done in Philadelphia in 1832.

However, shoe polish did not really go around until 1906, when Kiwi created a product that was far superior to its predecessors. Their polishing repaired the leather while giving it color and a soft glow.

Shoe polish reached its peak in the early 20th century, especially when the First World War created a huge demand for boots, belts and polished cases. Keeping polished shoes was considered essential well after the Second World War, but like the practice of men wearing hats, it faded a little after the 1960s.

Today, a well-polished shoe can still make you stand out in the crowd, but the art of waxing shoes has been largely lost on current generations. If you are looking for a benefit in your career or personal life, taking the time to retouch your shoes could be exactly what the doctor has prescribed.

Tips for the perfect shine

If you have never waxed a pair of shoes before, do not be intimidated. It’s very simple, and once you see the results, you will probably become addicted to keeping your clogs flawless.

Put a towel before you start working, and do not wear anything you do not want to put shoe polish, because the product can spread everywhere. If possible, do it outside or on a tile, because good luck to remove it from your carpet.

Use a damp cloth or a cloth soaked in saddle soap to remove all dirt and debris from your shoes before adding the polish. You do not want to wet them too much, but you want to remove all the dirt because the finely polished mud does not look good on your dress shoes.

Once your shoes dry, apply the varnish liberally with a brush or a pad. Rub the polish into the leather in small circles – oh, and be sure to match the polish to the shoes, unless you want only some very interesting colors to emerge.

Let the varnish soak for a few minutes, then it’s time to polish it. This is where an electric shoe polisher is worth its weight in gold – if you have never polished your shoes manually before, you should try it once to see how much elbow grease you will save by using a tampon electric.

You may have been disappointed by the dull appearance of your shoes after applying the polish. That’s why polishing is important because it removes everything except a thin film, leaving your shoes glittering. Keep polishing until your shoes are as spectacular as you expected, with special attention to heels and toes.

It will probably be worthwhile for you to make your own shoe polish. You can use a standard Dopp kit and fill it with varnish, soap, rags, and brushes. Keep it with your electric shoe polisher, and you will be able to be at your best all year round.

Do not let your friends know you have it unless you’re looking for a second job like bootblack.

How to keep your fantastic shoes between shiny

Regular polishing of your shoes will go a long way in prolonging their life and keeping them beautiful, but it is important to take care of them between shine, as well.

The best thing you can improve the situation your shoes is to not place them in a terrible circumstance. Try to avoid walking in the rain and snow, and resist the urge to jump in the mud puddles. If you have to go out in the pouring rain, take the time to waterproof your shoes with mink oil or leather conditioner, as the leather absorbs water like a sponge.

In addition, take care of your shoes even when you are not wearing them. Buy shoe trees for every pair of shoes you own, and as soon as your feet come out, the trees should come in. This helps the shoes keep their shape while avoiding cracks. Cedar shoe trees can also absorb moisture, which is great if you have sweaty feet.

Likewise, use a shoehorn to put them on – and no, your thumb does not count as a shoehorn. This prevents you from breaking the back of the shoe, prolonging its life and helping it maintain its fit. If you’re one of those people who get their feet stuck without even loosening their laces, know that I’ve already warned the fashion police, and they should be at your door shortly.

In the end, the better you take care of your shoes, the longer they will last – and the more beautiful they look. Shoes are expensive, so a little TLC saves you a lot of money, and it’s something that will never go out of style.

To know before buying an electric shoe polisher

An electric shoe polisher can maintain and protect the leather of your shoes in a few tens of seconds and without getting your hands dirty, most shoe polishers can be operated only by foot. It allows you to clean your shoe, your sole (depending on the model), wax your shoe leather and finally polish it, all without damaging the leather.

To do this, and according to the models, it is equipped:

  • a dispenser of cream or liquid wax,
  • a cleaning brush,
  • a waxing and polishing brush,
  • a brush to remove muddy shoes,
  • a special plush finish to protect the upper of the shoe,
  • a device for cleaning dirty soles,
  • the weight varies from 2 to 15kg depending on the devices,
  • power 50 watts to 130 watts depending on the model,
  • On/off button that can be activated with the foot or an automatic detection.

It is usually made of anti-rust treated steel.

The weight of the electric shoe polisher

When you see electric shoe polishers on different sales platforms or in stores, you will find that the majority of the models are standing and are very appreciated by their size. However, some models are heavy. Before purchase, you will need to understand the weight of your equipment. If you have floors in your home, opt for a light electric waxy, to facilitate any movement.

The power of the electric shoe polisher

In the choice of your future electric shoe polisher, the power is an element not to be taken lightly. The movement of the brushes and the rotational force will depend on the power of your polisher. Of course, it is not mandatory to opt for the most powerful device, but to buy a model powerful enough for the cleaning of your soil is well done and especially, it does not require several passes. In short, a good electric shoe polisher must have a power ranging from 600 to 700 watts.

The accessories of your electric shoe polisher

In order to polish and clean your floor perfectly, care must be taken to ensure the number of brushes that your polisher contains. Generally, there are three kinds of brushes: hard brushes to remove dust to dry and spread the wax; soft brushes for the first pass of the shine or to remove dust from the soil that has already been previously waxed; and finally, felts, for polishing your soil.

The functions in addition to your electric shoe polisher

Manufacturers are constantly competing to offer innovative electric shoe polishers with multiple functions. Thus, many polishers offer to polish, shining or removing dust, as well as polishing. Apart from that, it is necessary at all costs that an electric waxy machine allows operations on all types of soil, especially hard floors such as parquet, tile or marble.

In short, the performance of a polisher depends first of all on its power, its various functions in relation to the surface of your floor or its weight.

What electric shoe polishers do – and do not do

Electric shoe polishers allow you to clean, polish, wax and polish your leather shoes, whether sneakers, boots, ankle boots or city shoes. They are not at all made to apply the same care to your shoe canvas, suede or any other material not leather. You can at most use the hard bristle brushes to clean these shoes.

Also, pay attention to the proper use of the shoe brush clear and that for dark shoes: an accident quickly arrives and you do not want to slaughter your beautiful white shoes because of a misuse of the machine!

Why buy an electric shoe polisher?

It is often said that you can wear the most beautiful costume (or the most beautiful dress) in the world, without good shoes, no salvation. So if you like me to own several pairs of shoes always well maintained, you know how much time and energy it can take to maintain them regularly: clean the dust, remove stains, brush the shoe, feed the leather, polish the shoe, wax and finally waterproof.

Several choices are available to you:

  • Do it yourself, with the complete kit of brushes, rags, creams and leather products;
  • Regularly entrust your shoes to a coordinator or a professional shoe polisher;
  • Buy an electric shoe polisher.

The first option is certainly the most economical, but it is also the one that will take you the most time, and wax your shoes will not always be at the top of your priorities. Once a week you will take care of your shoes once a month, to finish with the time to no longer take care of it at all, and have to buy a pair of new shoes earlier than expected. The most economical solution is no longer really in the end!

The second option is to guarantee that your shoes receive the perfect treatment from the professional, but not everyone lives next to a coordinator who accepts such requests (more and more coordinators are no longer shoe repairs), and this also requires taking the time to drop your shoes at the craftsman to pick them up a few days later once the treatment is finished.

The third option, which is to buy a shoe-polishing machine, combines the best of both worlds: professional care for your shoes without having to move around, and a cost-effective solution to save time and money. greatly extend the life of your shoes. What are you waiting for? I jumped the pace there is now a little over 2 years and I wonder how I could do without!

Why trust us

All the recommendations that we make on TOPTENBOOTS are the result of several weeks or months of research, tests, comparisons, analysis of consumer opinions and if need of interviews with experts and scientists. You will quickly realize that the products we recommend here are not the most expensive or the most trendy: they are the ones who will do their best every day, passing all the tests of safety, reliability, and efficiency. with an interesting price/quality ratio for you.

In the end, the products we recommend are the ones we would like to buy, and the ones we choose for our friends and family.

Our selection criteria for this comparative guide

To advise you the best electric shoe polisher, we focused on devices with a budget of fewer than 300 USD, transportable and with electrical operation.

The speed of the motor rotating the different brushes is an important criterion. Generally the faster the rotation speed of the brushes, the more the brushes will be effective, but it also depends on the quality of the cleaning and polishing brushes. Attention, powerful engine does not mean fast rotation speed too! The important thing is to have a speed of rotation of the brush with hard bristles sufficient to clean and to clean your shoes, but then to have a speed of the rotary brushes to polish moderate so as not to damage the leather during the repairing care.

The quality of the brushes is also another criterion that we took into account during this comparison. The cleaning brush must have hard and strong bristles with the ability to clean and remove the muddiest shoes. Its width will also determine the time you will have to spend to clean your shoe. 

Rotating polishing brushes are also an important criterion of choice: they must be wide and soft so as not to damage the leather during maintenance. In order to clean and polish all your shoes, it is imperative that the electric shoe polisher has 2 brushes: one for your leather shoes (usually brown) and another for your black leather shoes.

Finally, the silence and comfort of operation are the last two criteria of this comparison: if your electric shoe polisher starts to vibrate and wake up the whole house with each use, the pleasure of maintaining your shoes will quickly transform itself again into the chore!

Whatever your choice, take these parameters into account to make the most of your electric shoe polisher.